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oh, oh, look out vick...................

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celebrity death match

AB vs MV to the D
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New name: Michael (Con)Vick
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Originally Posted by ScottyRo View Post
The NFL isn't a court of law and doesn't have to judge him guilty of crimes to punish him for disgracing himself, his team and the league. I don't believe most of us are naive enough to think that when someone is acquitted of a crime that that person was, in fact, innocent. There are many factors that could go into whay a guuilty person could go free. I much prefer having a strong commissioner delving out punishments for bad conduct rather than just letting players off the hook because they have the wealth to purchase acquittals.
First of all is was being facetious.
2nd Vick is involved no doubt about that, and it will be interesting to see what Godell does to one of the top stars of the league. According to
Article XI of the Collective Bargaining Agreement authorizes the Commissioner to impose a fine or suspension for any "conduct detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of professional football."
No doubt Vick has met this criteria
I also am not naive enough to belive that money won't drive the decision of the Commissioner. Vick generates a lot of money for the NFL. If he is gone the whole year, that is going to put a dent into the league's pocketbook. That's why I say 4 games. I personally think he should be put in the cage with the dogs and let him fight it out. Sounds like a good pay-per-view to me.
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If he fights with the dogs, he'll rush for 100 yards but throw 3 Int's dogs win 33-17... I haven't figured out how he got the field goal yet.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
sounds like a plan to me. Your avatar can be the "ring" girl and do side cage interviews. WITH HER SHIRT OFF!
Let me know if you get tired of the picture. I can put another one of Nikki or bring in a new girl.
You really need to see her in action, top notch.
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it doesn't matter what amount vick brings in the league....
for once, i don't think money will be the issue.......
first off, vick denied doing anything or knowing anything......
a tape or picture that places him there is worth all the money he owns and more....
it is a felony to have dog fights in virginia.
and just the fact that goodell told him there would be discipline for him just being the owner of the house is a no nonsense approach for not putting up with any excuses...basically, he was told he'd be held accountable......
now, if someone places vick there after he denied it, out the window goes his career, his endorsements, and possibly he may look at real jail time if convicted.........as baretta use to say, don't do the crime if you can't do the time..........
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Too bad Baretta isn't the Commish.

Vick is one Grand Jury indicment away from being gone the whole year if not longer, barring that, he will get about 4 games. Let's face it money talks and Vick puts butts in the seats and cash in the hands.
I am with you, I hope I am wrong about this.
Watch the media on this it will be interresting to see what they report and what they ignore.
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Add congress to the lench mob

A California congressman has joined the cause against Michael Vick, firing off a letter Friday that urged NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to "act swiftly and forcefully" if the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was involved in dog fighting on his former property.


Ok this is getting really good. will vick make the state of the union address next?
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I was just reading this story Hagan and it appears to me that the Falclowns owner should just waive him and get it over with. Do you know what it says for the Falcons organization everyday that they hold out hope he won't be suspended or bannished for his actions or even worse that once again Mr. Vick had no knowledge about what was going on in his house. Next they will find the tape of him watching some dogfights and then he will get about 4 years in jail, a guy in Texas just did for the same thing.

This is getting really ugly for Vick but more importantly it is really starting to look bad for the organization and the NFL and what they are both willing to do for the almighty dollar.

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once the owner is against you, it's over..............

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