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Saints' Staff are Gamblers

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; We all hoped for WLB upgrade but so far it has not happened. there is still time. I am fine with Shanle for another year. Dull? LOL not at all. I am liking this thread. 504 you make some good ...

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Re: Saints' Staff are Gamblers

We all hoped for WLB upgrade but so far it has not happened. there is still time. I am fine with Shanle for another year.
Dull? LOL not at all. I am liking this thread.
504 you make some good points but there are only so many players you can draft in 3 years and sign as FA. Plus keep your FAs. Time is what it takes. I still have problems seeing any other real gambles outside of vilma. who without a doubt is worth it.
Yes I have read this from page 1.
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Re: Saints' Staff are Gamblers


I've read the whole thing. I know your stance and how it's changed. It's pointless for me to continue... we've made our points. I understand what you say that's our problem... but the results have proven not to be a problem. But you can feel however you want... it's your opinion.
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Re: Saints' Staff are Gamblers

Originally Posted by 504Highlander View Post
IMO weak positions are :

RB, TE on O
i know this really wasnt ur point but u did say it.....why wasnt ne of the line positions one of the weak ones?...seeing as how we lost one of the better centers in the league and now have a very underrated center stepping in but at the same time has little experience and might not be able to carry the center position the whole year....or what about RT....can streif and stinch really hold down the right side next to jahri....everybody knows hes doin his job...now its the tackles turn...and he better be able to if drew gets hurt cuz our next 2 QBs are left handed and gotta know that their blind side is protected....what about LG....is nesbit really a quality starter?....he has been starting for our team for awhile but he really hasnt done ne thing to impress being that he was sandwiched between a good LT and a good C....maybe thats a weak position.....and TE?....do u really think we need an upgrade at TE?...we have had a top 5 offense for the past 2 seasons with those TEs....just for arguments sake...Y do u think we need an upgrade?..was it because one was available over the offseason or was it because the media got to u and now ur being persuaded by the likes of Mel Kiper and chris berman?

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Re: Saints' Staff are Gamblers

Originally Posted by 504Highlander View Post
I was hoping for 2008 upgrades at the weak positions.

IMO weak positions are :

RB, TE on O

DL, LB and DB on D. All three defensive tiers.
We of course disagree on the offensive positions. I totally agree on defense.

I like PT, and the game he played in Chicago was terrific.
Can he replace Deuce for the whole season and be the featured back? At this point, all I can say is that I hope so.
The Saints will not have a feature back this year. The Saints haven't had a feature back the last 2 years. An NFL feature back is going to have numbers like 300+ carries, 1500+ yards. No Saints back in the last 2 years has even come close. It's the nature of the offense.

I keep talking about productivity in the Saints running game for a reason. Saints backs simple are not going to get a ton of carries. So it's much more important for each carry to count than the number of carries or the total yards.

Can PT23 be a 300+ carry , 1500+ yard back? Nope.

Can PT23 be a 200 carry, 900 yard back? Definitely.

Watch the yards per carry. For the Saints in the last 2 years, the rishing game has averaged 3.7 YPC. If we can get that up to 4.5 then we're looking at production even if the total yards are limited.

PT23 isn't a featured back. And he isn't going to need to be one either.

TE is the same as 07.
74 catches, 709 yards, 4 TDs between Miller and Johnson. While not spectacular, certainly solid.

I have stated earlier on that I liked the D Line moves. I believe that at D Line we have an upgrade.

They brought in 2 seriously injured LB's. One retired, one still rehabbing.
No upgrade yet.
The rehabbing one was Pro Bowl caliber the last time he played MLB. #53 isn't fit to be wiped off someone's shoes.

We certainly could have drafted Rivers or Mayo into the MLB slot. But then we would have lost that significant upgrade in the D-Line.

I think the Saints made the right move. Time will tell.

I was not sold on the CB draft pick, or the free agents they brought in.
No upgrade yet.
Well you can argue that until anyone hits the field for real there's no real upgrade at any position. All we know is that the secondary played awful last year. We have absolutely no true idea how the changes at the line or in the LB core is going affect the secondary play. Past performance of other teams have shown that DLines that can bring pressure, and a MLB that can stuff the run makes all levels of the defense better.


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Re: Saints' Staff are Gamblers

Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Ocean? I take great offense to football being compared to an ocean.

Have any of you ever been left at sea? You get sunburned, thirsty, tired and eventually eaten by sharks. How does this compare to football?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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