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Saints and the media pundits

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; My take on the media's attempts to shed a bad light on Reggie, is that they can't find a member of the team to trash talk, so they are trying to create one. The guys in that locker room are ...

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Saints and the media pundits

My take on the media's attempts to shed a bad light on Reggie, is that they can't find a member of the team to trash talk, so they are trying to create one.

The guys in that locker room are so focused and so team oriented that it's frustrating to the media. So they will find what they perceive to be the smallest crack and try to make it into a chasm.

The remarks by Bruschi, are just sour grapes. He took Reggies remarks out of context because he is as arrogant as his x coach. 'How dare anyone even mention the possibility of doing what the mighty NE Flats did'.

We have something special going on down in NO and it's just eating the national media alive. They don't beleive that it should happen in a small market where they can't get great ratings for actually covering sports news without bias.

That's how I see it and would like to hear your take B&G folks.
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Re: Saints and the media pundits

I personally think that a lot of people just like taking shots at Reggie. Sometimes he deserves the criticism, but a lot of times its unwarranted.

He doesn't get in trouble off the field and he plays hard. That's good enough for me. He makes some dumb mental mistakes during games, but hey, he's human.

But some people see the big contract and the ridiculous expectations, and even though they never actually watch the Saints, they think they know what's going on in New Orleans. I guarantee you that Tedy Bruschi hasn't watched more than one or two Saints games this year.
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Re: Saints and the media pundits

All the pundits do is try to find cracks in the armor. If they don't find one, they try to "predict" where the cracks will be and hope that something, anything, happens. Notice how they are never accountable for the predictions that are dead wrong- we all forget about those.

I think Reggie Bush is the player we thought he was. We're lucky to have spent money on a player that plays and contributes (points) to the overall team. People moan about his pay, he was a high draft pick, but he's no Shawn Knight or some of the many blunders of the first round we all know about.

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Re: Saints and the media pundits

The media pundits are just a little slow to get on the band wagon. After the smack down that we give to Atlanta tonight the last of the nay sayers will hop on the band wagon and say that they have been saying we were #1 all along. You know, we just hadn't proven that we are the best..even though they knew it.
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Re: Saints and the media pundits

Some people just look for any little thing. The Saints are what they are right now a damn good team but that is it. You really do not here any talk coming out of the Vikings about undefeated or SB bound and this is what Payton has tried to avoid explicitly. Lets just enjoy one game at a time. Nothing wrong with thinking positive and having high hopes for a victory every week. Yet Don't put the buggy before the horse.
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Re: Saints and the media pundits

f**k the haters
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Re: Saints and the media pundits

People just bust Reggie's chops because he's not Marshall Faulk (yet.)

Of the RB's drafted his year, only Maurice Jones-Drew and Deaneglo Williams have more TD's than Reggie. Of running backs taken in the first two rounds: Reggie, Lawrence Maroney, Deangelo, and LenDale White, Reggie is dead in the middle as far as TD's are concerned.

As long as he doesnt' cough the ball up IMO there will be a place for him in this offense...
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