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MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; he's an ass. the media thinks "how dare people question us". **** him...

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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

he's an ass. the media thinks "how dare people question us". **** him
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

Hmm - Thde meida manufacturing stories or trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill to get stupid people to watch.

I know - they can run a story about SP ebing a womanizer & teaching Tiger everythig he knows.
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

Originally Posted by D_it_up View Post
I replied to the guy alright.

"I have to be honest with you on your article about Sean Peyton. It was really, REALLY bad. I think a coach has the absolute right to keep certain members of the media out of practices, press conferences, or sidelines, because many, like yourself, only seem to dig up the dirt on people for the sake of your jobs. I'm a former journalism major, and I had aspirations to be a sports writer. I am so glad I changed my mind after the media circus that the sporting world has turned into. I know it has always been biased, but this season has been absolutely ridiculous. The media loves to take its shots at players, coaches, and teams that are not deserved, yet it loves media whores such as Brett Favre and Rex Ryan. It is almost sickening. You couldn't find any dirt on the Saints to add a twist to the upcoming NFC Championship, so you decide to take cheap shots at a coach who is only trying to protect his team from the negativity that the media spews out on a consistent basis just to make their story interesting. Your credibility is in question, also. Weren't you fired from the Indy Post for lying about your resume'? Who is to say you aren't making all this up? So, next time you decide to take cheap shots, remember those skeletons in your closet. If you point your finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you."
What a tool. I'm sure he wasn't happy with my E mail
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

This dude is just plain awful.
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

I just hit him up on twitter. Also saw he got in trouble a while back for calling WVU "hicks and hillbillies." He's just fills his columns with inflammatory statements to cover up his lack of writing skills or journalistic integrity.
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

Hey Mike really ???? C'mon man
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

He won't apologize, and why should he? I wish all MORONS would take his lead and just let you know that they're idiots up front, the moment you meet them. It'd save us alot of headache later on.
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

Here's my email to him:


"You call this journalism? I could train a chimp to write better than this crap. You're a pathetic excuse for a journalist, it's no wonder you have to fudge your resume to get jobs. Why don't you stick to writing about the game instead of launching smear attacks? My guess is that Payton showed you up or something, and you, like a *****, took it personally. How's my aim?"
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

Washington Post? Redskin fan maybe?
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Re: MY GOD this Payton SMEAR piece.

My email to him

F**K U
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