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David Vitter fights for Who Dat

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Vitter writes to NFL commissioner about 'Who Dat?' trademark flap | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser...

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Where Y'at?
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David Vitter fights for Who Dat

Vitter writes to NFL commissioner about 'Who Dat?' trademark flap | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

Good on DV. Someone with some stroke taking a position on the side of the people against the NFL. WHO DAT?
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

He just earned my respect! Awesome letter!
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

I've already written him a letter thanking him for standing up for the rights of the people of the great state of Louisiana. Keep up the good work and the hard fight Senator Vitter! Oh yea and...WHO-DAT!!!!
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

I love this quote. WHO DAT!

Originally Posted by David Vitter
"This letter will also serve as formal legal notice that I am having t-shirts printed that say 'WHO DAT say we can't print Who Dat!' for widespread sale in commerce. Please either drop your present ridiculous position or sue me."
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

Good man ... I'll vote for him...
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

I would vote for him if I lived there! Great letter, and awesome to stand up for the little guys!

Who Dat!
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

D.V is alright with me
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

Mary L. would never take that kind of stand... unless it benefited her.
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Re: David Vitter fights for Who Dat

Does he still pick up whores? Get a clue.

The guy is a moron. No debate. I have a houseplant with a higher IQ than that douchebag.

You like politicians who use hookers? Try checking your moral compass, already.

Lest ye forget.

NEW ORLEANS - Inured to bad boys in politics, this tolerant city on Tuesday was quick to absolve the state's latest scandal-tainted politician, Sen. David Vitter, a Republican who admitted to being involved in an alleged prostitution ring.
Vitter acknowledged Monday that his telephone number was listed on the records of Pamela Martin and Associates, an escort service operated by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called "D.C. Madam." Federal prosecutors contend her company was in reality a prostitution ring in Washington, D.C., that netted more than $2 million over 13 years.
And since you folks don't seem to have a memory, he is a liar too.


During the campaign, Vitter was accused by a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee of having had a lengthy affair with a prostitute in New Orleans. Vitter responded that the allegation was "absolutely and completely untrue" and that it was "just crass Louisiana politics."
It really goes on forever... the Republican'ts don't care about you but you're too naive to realize it? Really, what gives?

2007, The Times-Picayune reported that Vitter and the Bush administration opposed a provision of The Gulf Coast Housing Recovery bill which required that every public housing apartment torn down be replaced with another form of low-income housing on a one-for-one basis. The administration testified that there was not sufficient demand for public housing units, a position contested by several senators. Vitter stated it would recreate "housing projects exactly as they were", isolated and riddled with crime. However, Mary Landrieu, the Louisiana Democratic Senator, said the intent was to make certain there were affordable places for working-class people who returned.
If you don't believe me, listen to


Clinton inherited a $290 billion deficit from George H.W. Bush. He reversed Bush's and Reagan's trickle down economic policies, raising taxes on the wealthy, and reducing them on the working and middle classes. He was able to reduce the deficit every single year of his presidency. By 1997, the government was running budgetary surpluses, the first since 1969. He delivered a $230 billion surplus in 2000.

Bush reversed Clinton's policies, lowering taxes on the very wealthy - his "base" as he called them - and effectively raising them on everyone else. In his first full year at the helm of the economy, he delivered a $157 billion deficit, and he never looked back. By 2004, the deficits were topping $400 billion a year. While Clinton delivered surpluses, Bush's deficits totaled some $3.7 trillion over his eight-year term. Clinton 6: Bush 0.

There is no subtlety, no ambiguity about the data or the economic performance they reveal. By every single measure, Bush's policies and tenure were worse - much worse - for the American economy and the American people than those pursued by Bill Clinton. And we are still living today in the aftermath of the destruction they have wrought.

We could add any number of other measures as well, measures not offered up by Forbes but which are still straightforward indices of economic performance. Clinton reduced poverty, from 15.1% when he took office to 11.3% when he left. Bush increased it, from 11.3% when he started to 12.5% at the end of 2008.

The stock market more than tripled under Clinton's tenure. The Dow went from 3,241 when he took office to 10,587 on the day he left. It actually declined under Bush's tenure, from 10,587 on the day he took office to 8,281 on the day he left. Between the recent stock market collapse and the housing crash, Bush destroyed more than $14 trillion in consumer wealth, a staggering, almost incomprehensible legacy of devastation that will haunt Americans for decades to come.


Anyone who voted for those RW idiots should have to pay a stupid tax for being a part of the near bankrupting of the world.

Some of us are old to have seen McCarthyism both times around so don't waste your time trying to change the mind of someone who has witnessed the lies for DECADES.

Thanks for trying but you lost because of your own choices.

They say to make the same mistake over and over is insanity. All righty then.

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