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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I know I sound like am a seven year old kid when I say this, but -- I think it's seriously possible, they could cut him on Thursday, he hangs around out there a while, asking other teams for his ...

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I know I sound like am a seven year old kid when I say this, but --

I think it's seriously possible, they could cut him on Thursday, he hangs around out there a while, asking other teams for his $12 million price tag...asking other teams for his $11 million....asking other teams for his $10 million pricetag...his $9 million pricetag....and so on...then due to the compressed shortened free agency period, the Saints might quietly resign him in a week or two, for a much more reasonable amount.... For decent valuable RB money but not crazy high. It has happened exactly that way with the Saints before, with free agents, albeit on a much smaller less spectacular scale.

I'm not saying it will happen, I'm just sayin' it might happen that way...they might cut him, and give him a verbal offer, for "X" Amount of dollars, and tell him hey, this is our real number we have in mind for you...it's up to your agent to go out there and beat it, or come back and see us in a week or two if you can't....we'll be here for you.
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Reggie Bush is not "asking" for 11.8 million to play for any team next season, his restructered deal just states that he would make that kind of money in 2011 if the Saints don't release him or restructure his contract.

Actually when asked about the 12 million back in May, he said "obviously there’s going to have to be some type of pay cut". So neither he nor his agent(s) are delusional. He knows that he is not going to get that money and I guess he already knew that when he signed the restructured deal in 2008.

I'd like to have him back, but I'm doubtful. Other teams with a less talented backfield can simply give him more touches. The dollar/yard-ratio would be about the same, but because other teams will give him more opportunites they can afford to pay him a bit more. I'm afraid Tampa would be a good fit for him.
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Originally Posted by Danno View Post
12 million over 5 years and I'm happy.
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20 mil over four years; 12 mil guaranteed...
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Bush will be cut. Somebody will over pay for his services. Tampa makes since because they have the cap room and it would hurt us. In any case, I think we've overpaid for Reggie's services (understatement) which may count for something. He has a ring too. So a restructuring is a possiblity.

We'll know by Friday.
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Good point FF.

Reggie could help a young QB like Freeman.
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12 million Reggie REALLY ??
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I'v always said that Reggie is a huge mismatch for opposing defenses. If I'm right, I doubt Payton will let him go anywhere, and its one of those things where you can't measure his importance by stats. Of course, he can only be a mismatch when he's healthy and on the field.
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