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Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Geaux Vilma! The fight must continue!...

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Threaded by saintsfan1976
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Geaux Vilma!

The fight must continue!
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

One of two things needs to happen here.

Vilma and his lawyer need to drop this and let it go.


Vilma and his lawyer need to figure out how to handle their business outside of the press and public eye.


The same gawddamned people who have been roasting Brees over the contract issue stating he is putting himself before the team are now publicly supporting Vilma putting him self before the team.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

I think we better enjoy football while we can.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

Originally Posted by skymike View Post
I think we better enjoy football while we can.
It will be flag or touch in the near future.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

There are two issues that are of most importance:

First, this challenge is about due process; no man in the country should be denied due process, period. The coaches were summoned to New York without prior knowledge and were told sign and admit your guilt or else (you're out of football). The league has either refused or reluctantly turned over some evidence without given the accused the opportunity to examine, question, and challenge said evidence. If this had happened to you, or your team officials, you'd feel different; but, because most of you or blinded by your loyalty to your individual teams, you're operating with your heads in the sand...

Second, this is about the NFL gaining evidence that it's not harboring an unsafe work environment for its contracted employees; for years the Sabol Media Machine (God Bless him and be with his family) has put out great entertainment with such productions as NFL's Crunch Course which the League has greatly profited from - now the League wants to be able to say when the Judge comes "No Yo Honor, it wasn't us - they were doing it to themselves..."

What is makes this whole situation ludicrous is that you have had current, former players of other teams say on public broadcast they didn't see the big deal as the accusations are commonplace practice around the league (i.e. Washington, Chicago, Buffalo) and nothing is being done about it there - if you're going to implement and enforce rules - they should be applied to all teams and personnel equally - otherwise, throw out the hypocrisy...
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

I think I'm just going to start watching the Lingerie Football League.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

Originally Posted by Danno View Post
It will be flag or touch in the near future.
As it is right now, one could make the argument the games are just there anymore to generate stats for fantasy football leagues and Madden video games.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

Originally Posted by 73Saint View Post
Enough of this. I really just wish Vilma and his attorneys would let it all go. I know they won't, I'm just sick of hearing and talking about it, and it's obvious Goodell isn't interested in reducing anything.
What????? Would you let someone lie publicly, trash your good name and steal money out of your pocket without a fight? Not to mention taking away your professional job!

Keep fighting Jon!!! You are right and Kommisar Godhell needs to be taught a lesson. I believe that you are the man for the job.(especially since you don't have one now)
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

Originally Posted by Beastmode View Post
Waiting on Freeh to finish his investigation and get his take on the situation.
I am not so sure we will ever see the results of that. I'm not even sure he really has Freeh doing the investigation. Benson is an owner. He is well aware of what is being done to his teams players. This could all be for show just to throw us fans off of his scent and keep after Godell. A billion dollar lawsuit or 1 players reputation? Benson is in a crappy spot but we all know they are not millionaires for nothing. The dollar bill will win over 1 of his players reputation.
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Re: Vilma's Lawyer Fires Back

I do see one plus in this entire situation. Martez Wilson is going to be seeing A LOT more playing time.
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