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SaintsAvenger 03-09-2005 07:39 PM

Back-Up QB
Hey does anyone think we need to get rid of Bowman and get another legitimate backup that might actually have a shot at winning a game. BTW Shaun King just got released from AZ he might be a decent possibility with some local ties.

LKelley67 03-09-2005 07:45 PM

Back-Up QB
welcome avenger. i think ya could find a majority around here for a new #2. i\'m not a king fan myself and thinkl local ties shouldnt be a major factor in any personnel decisions. i haven\'t heard one wimper about mike mcmahon out there. he would be a great choice imo. anybody consider the laws of probability concerning brooks like i do? we couldn\'t be surprised if he had some major injury that would keep him out a substantial amount of time.

JOESAM2002 03-09-2005 07:45 PM

Back-Up QB
I do but I\'m not sure King is the answer. There are many threads pertaining to this on the board. Welcome to you.

SaintsAvenger 03-09-2005 07:47 PM

Back-Up QB
Just a thought he does have some skins on the walls and he is a heady player maybe some could rub off on AB

SaintsAvenger 03-09-2005 07:48 PM

Back-Up QB
oh and thanks for the welcome

CanLoomis 03-09-2005 07:52 PM

Back-Up QB
If the Saints sign a veteran QB it will likely be after June 1st cuts are made. I can\'t see Tim Couch as an option. JT O\'Sullivan probably should have been the #2 QB last year. Knowing the Saints history, if a QB is drafted, it will be on day two of the draft. O\'Sullivan and Marc Bulger were both late round guys.

A persnnel friend likes a kid named Brian Wrobel from Winona State. He is a name to keep an eye on a possible FA after the draft. Says he has better tools than Jason White(Oklahoma). I have yet to see extensive film of him, but they seem to like him a lot, but only as an undrafted/developmental player.

zachsaints52 03-09-2005 07:52 PM

Back-Up QB
I myself would like to get Bryan Randall from VT, bc I am from Virginia and he is a really good QB. All he needs to do is actually BE a leader, and he would do fine. I think he could be backup now and in a few years be #1.

CanLoomis 03-09-2005 07:59 PM

Back-Up QB
I couldn\'t disagree with you more. Bryan Randall is an undersized QB who is a better runner in the open field than a QB who can happen to run when things break down. He had a very solid career at VT, but facts are facts. He\'s undersized, lacks NFL arm strength, and doesn\'t have the leadership qualities QB\'s must have to succeed at the next level. No thanks on Randall as a possible backup here or anywhere else. Arena League maybe ;)

LKelley67 03-09-2005 08:50 PM

Back-Up QB
catch ya here if not in the other thread canman...

how bout andrew walter? the injury scare them off?

PS- you could have more than your hands full if ya wanted to do some live chat here sometime.

CheramieIII 03-09-2005 09:38 PM

Back-Up QB
I think everyone would agree that we should have never let JT go. He should as previously mentioned the 2nd string QB last year and for sure this year. We should get him back and solve the problem without having to spend alot of money doing it.

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