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WillSaints81 09-30-2016 01:21 AM

Looking at the games coming up
If we win in SD I think we could get to 2-3 but division rivals are 2-0 on the road so far.

This is where I see what makes or breaks us. We have not gone 3-3 under SP ever after trailing. The best is 4-4. 3-3 is better than 4-4 because that one game is a difference in making stronger pushes late in season.

Week 7 at KC
I don't see this being a bad defensive game for us, but what about for the offense? Week 2 at giants was tough. This is the kind of games Brees needs to win. These have not been his strengths. So far this season we lost two games that were actually to Brees' strength.

Week 8 vs Seattle
This was a tough game before season started and Graham is starting to get going and they bring in Spiller. The oline is bad for them though. And this is gonna be another game Brees will need to bring it. I can see defense playing well but Brees is gonna have to rise above this.

Those two games will test the offense's ability against strong defenses.

Week 9 at SF
SF is a tale of two teams. They get ran all over when traveling but they are not that at home. They play better defense in Santa Clara but it very well could be that atmosphere. It has not been good for teams that are pass-first. One of the few teams that won there easy last year, Cincinatti, ran the ball. Another game I think where the offense is challenged.

Week 10 vs Denver
I thought they would regress but they haven't yet. Their defense is still strong and will likely be no worse than 2 losses when we play. The offense though could give us problems but they are on back to back road games after going to Oakland. This looks to be a game where defense will lose some situations but win in others. Offense needed again to win the game.

So week 7-10 the teams are more defensive than offensive and only one of them has a true playmaker which is Maclin. Receivers have not been our issue, the running game has and these teams can run the ball but they are not going to do what Atlanta did.

Week 11 at Carolina
This is a game we probably lose. Though three days rest favors the better offense. But that's probably not gonna matter here. It will be hard to sweep.

Week 12 LA
This could be a trap only because of the media stirring the pot. The rams have won the last two against us, both ugly for us. That's the measuring stick to say we have problems against this team. Nvm we beat them in 2010, the last time we hosted them. Gurley will likely be a issue but this is really all they have on offense. If an upset happens here it's going to be because of the exaggerated "rams have our number" card. This is otherwise a game defense could do well in.

Week 13 Detroit
They look stronger than expected offensively. This will be a showdown if offense this time gets up for it early. Will defense lose this one?

Week 14 at TB
I honestly feel our chances are better at TB than at home. I'll give us win here.

Week 15 at Arizona
Arizona is off to a poor start. If that's the case week 15 we have a chance to win but chances are they will be back to normal again. However offense is not all that threatening. We played well defensively against them last year but offense struggled. So I'm seeing this coming down to offense.

Week 16 TB
Hard to sweep a division rival in two weeks. TB will likely have the better offensive game here. It comes down to the offense to match them.

Week 17 @Atl
Matchups go out the window here. I believe we win this one.

Most of the games outside of Detroit and TB present a bigger challenge for offense. When this season is concluding I think we will be talking about the offense more than the defense having issues.

CharityMike 09-30-2016 01:29 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
Brees on the road, you might as well flip a coin. He is a total different QB out of the dome. Out of all those games the D's im concerned about are Carolina, Denver and the Chiefs. I think we can pull out a win against Seattle. RW might not make it past this week at the Jets.

Then again..who knows. If the staff don't make some changes on D we might lose them all.

K Major 09-30-2016 07:52 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
50/50 shot for the Saints first win. Both teams have been decimated with injuries so let's see which team looks the most prepared & can execute.

Hopefully I see less and less of James L in the middle come Sunday. I just see no reason to trott him out there as your starter. He has looked awful circling back to pre season.

End rant x(.

Euphoria 09-30-2016 08:30 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
If, would have, could have - the reality is we are 0-3 and there is no relief in sight. We are exactly where we where the past few years an offense that has to score 50 just to keep us in the game and a D that gives up 51.

It really doesn't matter what people thing and see its REALITY year in and year out. Same thing. The same product down your throats and they want you to accept it and live with it.

This season its playoffs are a complete failure!!! Getting to 500 is a failure.

Leave your ifs and coulda and woulda's at the door please and know that we are 0-3 embrace it.

Mardigras9 09-30-2016 08:33 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
Well since the general opinion of just about everyone is that our defense cannot stop a nosebleed, I would say how Brees plays is not exactly paramount.

Beastmode 09-30-2016 08:33 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
We can win but need a new philosophy. 4th downs for one. If it's within reason go for it. We are going to convert probably 50+% of them playing to the strength of the offense which also keeps our weaknesses off the field. Also dink and dunk all day and eat the clock. Again, keep the D off the field. I hope to start seeing this develop this week. If not we are in serious trouble.

WillSaints81 10-01-2016 12:27 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
I never said anything about us winning I was merely pointing out what needs to be done to play well in any of those games. None of those offenses weeks 7-10 frighten me.

However, spkb the rams are gonna be below .500 when we play them. That is a game we can win. They allowed 32 points to the bucs. They are like SF, where they are a different team on the road.

skymike 10-01-2016 01:20 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up
I honestly wonder if we will win ONE game the rest of the season.
This is a truly atrocious defense, even when everyone's healthy.

Our offense isnt all that, either, especially, if we keep wasting the ball, by throwing to Brandon Coleman and Cody Fleemer.

Our O-line is ok at pass blocking sometimes, but is one injury away from being a complete abortion.

And now, our special teams, aside from the new Morten, has also become a joke.

We are an horrific football team, and I wonder if we can win A game this year. I hate talk about draft position, but I think we will be very close to the #1 pick next spring.

I'm no "liberal," and I'm still a fan, and in fact, will be spending more money this year on the Saints, and raising HELL in the Terrace, so I have the right to blast. But if you are what your record is, we are currently sh**.

burningmetal 10-01-2016 02:51 AM

Re: Looking at the games coming up

Originally Posted by Mardigras9 (Post 722026)
Well since the general opinion of just about everyone is that our defense cannot stop a nosebleed, I would say how Brees plays is not exactly paramount.

If the defense can't stop a nose bleed, it is most definitely paramount for Brees to step it up. How else do we win? Those injured guys aren't coming back to save the day any time soon. I'm not sure it's a good defense when healthy, but maybe they could be more competitive on a consistent basis on that side of the ball.

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