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jeanpierre 11-06-2017 08:53 PM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints

jeanpierre 11-08-2017 04:48 PM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints

jeanpierre 11-10-2017 12:52 PM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
This is what PFF thinks we need, and it's the first major publication to actually get it right...

hagan714 11-10-2017 06:53 PM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
Andrus Peat hasn’t made the tackle-to-guard transition as smoothly as others?

Ok one site says he is elite at guard and now he is a bust? which is it?

Larry Warford has been up and down after a solid start to his career.

Yeah we knew this before signing him and why a couple of million kept us from signing Kevin Zeitler

Oh well, I have a so far so good rating on both.

jeanpierre 11-11-2017 12:54 AM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
Saints Top Five (5) Draft Needs for 2018 NFL Draft

1. Quarterback - Drew has two years left and now is the perfect window to bring in "that" guy to how the game is played at a high level...

2. Guard - Armstead can't stay healthy, Peat and/or Ramczyk are more than capable at LT; Warford is a stop gap; Kelemete is a high end spot starter...

3. Linebacker - We need more athleticism at the position, but, more importantly, we need smarts, instincts and an ability to play all three LBer spots...

4. Defensive Tackle - Rankins has been good, not great, at least for his draft position; maybe with a rotation he could surge more on his snaps...

5. Tight End - Payton and the Mickster keep thinking if they overspend they can fix a spot; we've got good depth, just not a top of the depth chart Tight End...

hagan714 11-11-2017 06:08 AM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
with a good showing at the post draft beauty shows we could be looking at short list of

Ronnie Harrison SS/OLB Alabama 6011 214 4.54 #15 Jr
Carlton Davis CB Aurburn 6012 203 4.53 #6 Jr
Josh Jackson CB/WR/FS Iowa 6012 185 4.50 #15 rJr
Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State 6032 260 4.78 # 59 rSr
Lorenzo Carter OLB/DE Georgia 6045 242 4.73 # 7 Sr
Malik Jefferson SLB/MLB/WLB Texas* 6015 238 4.57 #46 Jr
Rashaan Evans ILB/OLB Alabama 6021 232 4.73 #32 Sr
Tremaine Edmunds OLB/ILB/SS Virginia Tech 6042 236 4.82 #49 Jr

Luke Falk, QB, Washington State 6032 214 4.87 #4 rSr
Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma 6002 220 4.64 #6 rSr
Calvin Ridley WR Alabama 6005 190 4.48
Christian Kirk WR/KR/PR Texas A&M* 5106 200 4.39 #3 Jr
Ronald Jones RB/KR USC* 5116 195 4.49 #25 Jr
Damien Harris RB Alabama 5096 216 4.55 #34 Jr
Mark Andrews TE Oklahoma 6042 254 4.77 #81 rJr
Orlando Brown LT Oklahoma 6071 345 5.47 #78 rJr
Mitch Hyatt OT/OG Clemson 6052 305 5.08 #75 Jr
Frank Ragnow C/OG,Arkansas 6052 319 5.14 #72 Sr
Quenton Nelson*, G, Notre Dame 6046 325 5.23 #56 rSo

Frank Ragnow a 1/2 as of now? yep he may shock the world on draft day and make people laugh but he is one of the most impressive OL in the draft IMO.

Set myself up for a big crow sandwich with Arkansas playing at death valley today. lol

So a trade back with a short list like this might just be the Dr Orders the saints need

Buyer be ware of off season media hyped darlings. They will test off the charts and pass the eye ball test with ease but their play is highly questionable for 2017.

Jerome Baker OLB/ILB Ohio State 6005 225 4.62 #17 Jr
Tarvarus McFadden CB Florida State* 6012 198 4.49 #4 Jr

A player I am really liking is

Carlton Davis CB Aurburn 6012 203 4.53 #6 Jr

Passes the quick eye ball check list with ease: Big frame, solid bulk, and long arms.

Auburn typically asks Davis to play man coverage. He has the size to battle big wide outs. He is a physical defender with a nice technique at jamming receivers at the line. Davis has the quickness to mirror receivers down field and stay in their hip pocket. He does a good job getting his head around and locating the football. In this these situations, he uses his size to gain position and attack the ball at its highest point. Davis also has the awareness to track tipped passes and get his hands on the pass. He uses his size in run support also.

With all that said Davis isn’t often tested without help over the top. He would be a good pairing with Lattimore. If Lattimore stays healthy he has the skill set to man the island and leaving Williams free to to play Pats ball over the top with Davis. As needed. Patriots are master at safety help over the top to shut down WR. But to do it you need am Islander to pull it off.

Typically, his style of play would be seen as a defender who has equal right to the ball. It just might be something he needs to adjust when he reaches the next level. There are times where Davis will be a little too physical with the ball in the air. This puts a lot of judgment in the hands of the referees. Some will see the contact and throw the flag while others will see a defender fighting for the football.

A bit too physical? Maybe but he is textbook just about every where else. Davis will battle with anyone and not back down. That is a quality I like and he can be coached up as to ways to get away with his style at the next level. I can not wait to see wing measurements. He is a solid tackler to boot. I can see him lined up man on man in the slot as needed with that jam of his. No need to play off the line and in the box.

Big test comes today with Georgia coming to town. Auburn is unbeaten at home.

hagan714 11-11-2017 06:54 AM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints

Originally Posted by jeanpierre (Post 775260)

Josh Jackson CB/WR/FS Iowa 6012 185 4.50 #15 rJr

He is well worth watching the game to see. He is as solid as they come.

So far he is doing a good job at shedding that label of being a "one year wonder"

jeanpierre 11-11-2017 10:26 AM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
I'm in denial knowing we'll never have a shot at him, but G Quenton Nelson is my favorite of this group...

jeanpierre 11-11-2017 10:27 AM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints
There are two, three Wisconsin players I'd love for us to draft...

jeanpierre 11-11-2017 05:08 PM

Re: 2018 NFL Draft Prospects - Saints

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