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2011 NFL FA Options

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Posted 07-25-2011 at 11:30 PM by hagan714

As we all know it is a FA long list in 2011 for the saints and a lot has to happen in order to make things work out. Players need to sign, others need to take pay cut and still other need to sign extinctions and restructure the final years of their deal.

We all know Mickey has dulled more than one pencil already and has an empty box of erasers. So with no clue what he has in mind i took at look at the FA listings for 2011 and picked what i think are decent options for the saint.

Offense If Reggie Bush goes you have a few options

1) Spend the Money
Le'Ron McClain (BAL) - Le'Ron wants more touches. Ok that’s a problem. But if another ring is his desire then he would have to think about what the saints offer. He already does the dual role of FB/TB in Pitt. Big drop of in speed in this move. But what an amazing combo he would offer at FB and TB.

2) Somewhat cap friendly move with question marks
Cadillac Williams (TB) RB - Solid when healthy. Probably could grab him on a short contract so he can show the NFL what he can do. Then you know he will jump ship probably and go for the cash

3)What price will he get?
Darren Sproles (SD) RB/KR – What he got left in the tank? The might mouse of the NFL. Sproiles would be buried in the backfield here but his speed would get him on the field in Sean’s offense. Plus the KR ability of Sproiles would give the saints something they have not had since the beerman left town.

4)Mr Enigma
Brad Smith (NYJ) - WR/KR/QB/RB Ok most people probably do not the Jets much in New Orleans. Living in Boston I watch the Jets and the Giants way more than I wish I had too. This guy is is nothing more than on of the best athletes I have seen play football. To bad he has never worked on anyone position. I have to throw him in the mix because … well I like everything I have seen from him on the field. Once again KR abilities that saints dearly miss.

If Bushrod departs
The market is just not there in FA, the saints must keep the OL as is. If not you have to gamble

Jared Gaither (BAL) Is he healed from his back injury. If so he could be the steal of FA for 2011.

Matt Light (NE) – Double digit sacks in 2010? Who would have thought it. If he bounces back then he would be a solid stop gap for the saints at the age of 31 for a year or two

Now this is the tricky area, defense. The saints kinda of have their hands tied with all the money tied up on offense. But if Bush depart/restructures along with others, ie Drew, then the saints can still make a splash in FA.

NT at Big buc pricing? Nah

Haloti Ngata (Bal) - he is not going anywhere, I just do not see it

Paul Soliai (MIA)
- can they afford to keep him? Part of a Bush trade? We all have heard the rumors of the Dolphins love of Bush. Once again this would be one cap headache for another

A DT that will earn his big bucs

Aubrayo Franklin (SF) - ok he is not a house hold name but he is as solid of a NT in the NFL as u can find. Plus he has always impressed me as a player that would really blossom in a 43 defense vs the 34 he in now. Not to say he is not doing well in the 34.

Reasonable priced DT starter with a ton of ????????

Alan Branch (ARZ) - 6'6” 318lbs I have to look at him then again how can u miss him. Yet another NT stuck in a 34 defense that I think can benefit to a switch to 43. Branch's poor attitude early in his career and the fact he started to "get it" in his contract year is a big red flag. I am thinking he might just benefit from Gregg Williams foot up his a$$. Ceiling is very high but the floor has already been proving by him to be really low. Can you say performance based contract.

If we loss out on Harper

Put the Money out there

Dawan Landry (Bal) - Landry is very much like Harper in his tackling skill and maybe a step up. What separates the two is Landry has improved his coverage skills each and every year. I will give Harper a break for playing out position last year when Jenkins went down.

Quintin Mikell (Phil) Ok he is 30 and will deamand big bucs, But you are getting a proven SS who excels both in both run support and pass coverage

LB at a Premium?

Oh they are out there but i do not see it. Saints drafted in this area.

LB at a fair market price?

Manny Lawson (SF) – while not a sack artist in SF in a 34 defense he is maybe yet another player that can benefit from a switch to 43 defense. Play him at SLB? WLB? He is 6-5, a high motor guy and did run a 4.43 in draft days. Once again I have to believe in the 34 to 43 defensive switch will also benefit him greatly.

Steal in FA at LB?

Thomas Howard (OK) - Oakland sat him all year. He a solid WLB in the NFL. Oakland is just in a youth movement with some very talented LB. He will want to prove himself again and will sign a short term contract for a bargin price. Whatever a bargain is in the NFL nowadays.

Ok there are more out there and still more to come. The cuts and signings are going to to fast a furious with the shortened off season and new CBA. How does all of this work under the cap? Got me i have yet to read it.

Repeat of the Superbowl will be a key selling point no matter what. The saints must do everything to keep the offense intact as best as they can.

They also have to make some very quick moves on defense to make other defensive FA want to come here. Shaun Rogers is not what I am talking about. The saints need to add a solid explanation point to defense not another ?. Oh i am interested in seeing if it works out but it does not say championship defensive move to me. The Saints go out and a Dawan Landry or an Aubrayo Franklinor a Manny Lawson to the roster will make the rest of the FA take notice.

****Footnote -
A few changes have happend in the Ravens camp. Willis McGahee and the rest of cuts Baltimore just did has changed a few things. Luandry is almost out of the picture unless the Ravens go after Nnamdi Asomugha as rumor has it. This also weakens Le'Ron McClain possibly. leaving also.

Willis McGahee - Would settle in as a roll player without a problem with saints in opinion. I wonder what the market will bring for his contract.

Ok thats just the start gang. Hold onto your seats this should be one of the wilder off season we have seen a longggggg while

nice to be back.
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    jeanpierre's Avatar
    At Fullback, I'd think Brian Leonard's game is a better fit to the Saints' scheme; plus, he's a team player whose past indicates he's willing to sacrifice stats to win...a rare quality in today's athlete.
    Posted 07-26-2011 at 07:57 AM by jeanpierre jeanpierre is offline

  2. Old Comment

    Alternative to McClain

    Brian Leonard would be a much less expensive alternative to McClain and he's proven to be a team first player since his time at Rutgers.
    Posted 07-26-2011 at 11:20 AM by jcp026 jcp026 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    hagan714's Avatar
    hey i got 2!!!!!!
    Posted 08-06-2011 at 12:38 PM by hagan714 hagan714 is offline
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