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The Poboy Thread

this is a discussion within the Everything Else Community Forum; Originally Posted by papz Going to break the cycle here and just say it... Po-boys are overrated. Don't get me wrong... it's good, just not that good. break your own cycle...you're clearly crazy move away and try to tell me ...

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
Going to break the cycle here and just say it...

Po-boys are overrated. Don't get me wrong... it's good, just not that good.
break your own cycle...you're clearly crazy move away and try to tell me the same thing - YOU WON'T.
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I do really enjoy a good oyster po-boy though. I prefer the rest on toast or bun.
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This is where I get my po-boys (mostly shrimp or chicken with some kind of creole sauce, lettuce, tomato) ... along with a side of catfish chips and red beans & rice ... yum! Best peach cobbler around too ... it's like a little slice of Louisiana right here in the "D", .

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I'm not a Louisiana snob when it comes to poboys, necessarily. Let's face it, poboys aren't exactly complicated, and many out-of-town joints do a plenty respectable job.

I was visiting my sister recently in Talladega, AL of all places, and we picked up some very good roast beef poboys at a little hole-in-the-wall place.
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Tell me when to stop.
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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post

Tell me when to stop.
nobody is telling you!!!!
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On the 8th day God created Bears, and it was good. Seriously, the best poboys I've ever had and would argue better than anywhere in the city. Their meatball poboy w/ some hot sauce on it is beyond the fire.

Originally Posted by SmashMouth View Post
The Parkway and Bears are the two best places for them. Parkway is in Mid City by the bayou and Bears is in Metairie at Causeway and Metairie Rd. Try then and you won't regret it.
Never been to the Metairie one, always been Covington. Always been curious if it was as good.

Originally Posted by Turbo Saint View Post
move away and try to tell me the same thing - YOU WON'T.
truer words were never spoken
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Tony's Po-Boy Restaurant in Chalmette, and any po-boy on the menu.
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A po-boy is all about the bread and frankly there just aren't a lot of places that get it right. tough /flaky on the outside and somewhat chewy texture on the inside. That's what keeps it from becoming a messy goo too fast.

It's very distinct, just like the bread they use in Philly for cheese steaks. One cheese steak place I use to go to in CA use to fly in the bread from Philly. There are not a lot of places left outside of NO that truly get the bread right. It's close, but I'd say there are maybe 4-5 places in NO that nail it.
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Tracey's roast beef -is the guy from Parasol's back when Parasol's used to be good
Parkway is great
Verti Mart is actually way better than it used to be

Mahoney's on Magazine is overpriced and over rated, they have this attitude like they are so great and they are not

It's kind of a local secret but Qwik Check on Clearview is REALLY freaking good at making po-boys,and I believe they are open on Sundays (game day). At least they used to be.

The Blow Fly Inn in Biloxi

Vietnamese po boys are the bomb --too many to list here but there's tons of good places on the West Bank and in the East. It's a slightly different po boy, but it's awesome. I think the Vietnamese people in New Orleans are actually even better at doing their style of po-boys, and give higher quality for the buck, than most of the typical New Orleans restaurant people at the classic ones. The classic New Orleans po boy joint is on the wane.
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