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Ray Rice released

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; This is a black eye for the NFL. They tried to sweep this under the rug and it backfired. Goddell needs to be be front and center answering difficult questions about the "Rice situation"....

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Re: Ray Rice released

This is a black eye for the NFL. They tried to sweep this under the rug and it backfired.

Goddell needs to be be front and center answering difficult questions about the "Rice situation".
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Re: Ray Rice released

Originally Posted by Jack Vegas View Post
This is all about to come down on Goodell hard.
He still owes the Saints...time for him to pay up.
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Re: Ray Rice released

The media, fans and people need to be in a big public outrage

Tmz now claims they have definitive knowledge that Goodell knew

Goodell needs to resign immediately

Worse he will hold out and people will demand his head even more
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Re: Ray Rice released

De Smith: Players deserve due process, just like Irsay | ProFootballTalk
Ravens, NFL easily could have gotten Ray Rice video | ProFootballTalk

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Re: Ray Rice released

Of course, the NFL already knew what happened in that elevator. When the first video came out, there was never any dispute that the reason Ray Rice had to drag his fiancee out of that elevator was because he had beaten her to unconsciousness.

Personally, I don't think larger ( more physically dominating ) humans should attack smaller ( less physically threatening ) humans unless they have a weapon. Spit is not a weapon. Notice, I am making this comment gender-less -- because on one level this issue is not about gender. If this had been a child -- would we be hearing the current 'blame the victim' comments?

Neither the NFL, RG or RR has done anything to redeem themselves. It is sheer callousness when the NFL or the Raven's concern themselves solely with their PR image. This real issue here is whether or not we care about the crime of physical assault.

It really doesn't matter that the victim was related to Ray Rice. If she had been intelligent, she would have hired a lawyer and taken him to court. Instead, while it is hard to believe, she apologized for HER actions! This is a sad story of co-dependency and they both should get treatment.
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Re: Ray Rice released

Don't scream equality for women then change your mind in the instance you get your chin tapped. Her head hitting the elevator rail knocked her out. Not the punch itself. And no one is factoring in the fact that they both had been drinking. Don't hit anybody unless you want to get hit back. That's should be the theme. Not stand there and let a woman do whatever she wants to you because she's a girl. That's stupid. If this was a guy and Ray Rice reacted the same way it wouldn't be an issue.

Like I said before, he could have handled it better. It was a mistake, but a completely human mistake.

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Re: Ray Rice released

I'll just echo what millions are thinking and saying. I don't care about Ray Rice and don't want to defend what he did. But what in the hell did anybody think they were going to see on that video? We knew he knocked her out and nobody is trying to cover that up. So now the video comes out and it's "shocking"? The league made their mistake and they should live with it. It's not that Rice doesn't deserve a longer suspension, it's that when you make a ruling you can't just arbitrarily change your mind. This isn't "new" evidence and we all know it, so you can't use that as an excuse for changing your mind. Just a very obvious and weak attempt to save face by both the league and the Ravens.
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If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, the NFL would fine and suspend me.
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Re: Ray Rice released

Not defending but not condoning his actions I was not there but Goddell already punished Rice wouldn't this be double jeoprdy. Punished twice for the same offence.
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Re: Ray Rice released

I have watched the video now... This is going to be an unpopular view but it is what it is.

I do not believe in gender, height, or density bias for laws or punitive action.

Take your eyes off of the hands and watch the body language.. for the purpose of this post, imagine they are both male or both female.

Did Ray board the elevator in an aggressive manor?
Did he drag her ON to the elevator?
Did he leave her knocked out in the elevator?
Who was the aggressor and who was back pedaling?
Who threw the first hand?

In cases of domestic abuse or a battering husband there wouldn't have been 1 punch.

If you are a police officer and that video is your only evidence are you arresting Ray for a knock out punch or are you arresting her for taking the first swing?

He wanted a woman with fire and she wanted a NFL player with a big pay check...
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Re: Ray Rice released

They're both idiots.
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