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and the hits just keep on coming badumbumbum

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; or make the playoffs loe...

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or make the playoffs loe
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I really hope we can go 2 and 14 now and at least get the first pick out of this shiiiiiit season
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I really hope we can go 2 and 14 now and at least get the first pick out of this shiiiiiit season
Why , so Hasbeen can trade out of the overall no. 1 and reach for the DT from Georgia ???
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I have heard something for the longest time that I guess just never really clicked in my head. However, after watching Aaron Brooks play for 4 or 5 years now, something has just struck me.

People always say, "AB has so much potential, but he'll never reach it."

However, I think I am going to go ahead and disagree with this. Potential is something that is stated to be "The INHERENT ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being." After 7 years in the NFL, I think it's time to go ahead and give up on Aaron Brooks. He hasn't developed at all since the 2001 season. In fact, he might have actually digressed. I have been a Brooks supporter for several years, I guess because he is an athletic QB who has good speed and good arm strength; but he lacks the things that every successful QB in the NFL possesses.

Example time: What do the 3 best QBs in the NFL (Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady) all have in common? Understanding of the game, leadership abilities, good decision making, good accuracy, hunger for success, poise, sense of urgency. Now, does AB have any of these qualities?

NO. Plain and simple. I have watched for the last 4 or 5 years Aaron Brooks show an awful understanding of the game, inability to motivate his teammates, poor decision making (fumbles and interceptions), poor accuracy, a lacksadaisical attitude that is most evident when his big goofy smile is being busted out immediately after a boneheaded that probably cost us the game, lack of poise in the pocket, and perhaps most frustratingly: a lack of a sense of urgency. I just don't think this guy gives two sh**s whether or not the Saints win. He's got his paycheck and that's all that matters. Maybe I'm just pissed because we lost another game, but I think after some reflection about our team, it's obvious that AB is not a leader that can lead this team to the promised land.

Back to those 3 QBs I mentioned earlier... Brady and Manning aren't exactly what I would call the most athletic guys in the league, they can't make amazing plays with their feet, have poor agility, and probably run in the high 4.7-4.9's. However, this is my point: athletic ability doesn't mean a guy has potential or will be any good in the NFL. It's those other characteristics (the ones AB doesn't have) that produces a good QB. Come draft time, maybe we should look at a QB. Or what I am starting to think: if we lose another couple of games, go ahead and bench AB and throw McPherson in. What the hell, right? Who cares if he doesn't know the playbook, because obvisouly Aaron Brooks doesn't either.
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Just my opinion on this, TheDuece has NAILED IT! I know I have a mere 30 something post on here, but.....I have said this about AB over and over again. In fact, I have said it for years. I am not blaming him for the loss solely because right now the whole frickin team sucks! This season will not get any better, sure they may finish 8-8 or 9-7 but we will not make the playoffs. We are fooling ourselves if we think other wise. Haz will not be around to make draft choices, so lets put A-Mac in and see if he is worth the time, money, and HEART ACHE. Guys I love the Saints, always have always will, but damn it, I am beyond sick and tired of being on the losing team. How many teams are there left that have never made it to the Super Bowl?, three or four? Have any of you guys ever seen just how many record BAD stats we have? It a sh*t-pot full of them. If this keeps up we will go down in history as the only team NEVER to have reached or come with in ONE game of the Super Bowl. We have nothing to be proud of right now with this team.
I will end with this AB is no leader, nor is the coaching staff we have right now. Sorry to be so negitive guys. I have had it!

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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