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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; the defense looks to actually be coming around. the tag team LB play seemed to bring improvement. still plenty weak but just not as glaringly so. i was scared to see craft torched embarrassingly again but he seemed to do ...

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the defense looks to actually be coming around. the tag team LB play seemed to bring improvement. still plenty weak but just not as glaringly so. i was scared to see craft torched embarrassingly again but he seemed to do much better. still will be glad for fakhir back. the pass rush improvement is very exciting and could be fun to watch.

the offense though doesn't seem to be pulling through on the opportunities the D is giving. many have commented and i concur that the deuce up the middle and falling over thing definitely looks weak. i was glad to see he did make some progress when they started going outside the tackles last week. i'm hoping for him but concerned. that was a great brooks didn't-shoot-himself-in-the-foot game last week. but i dunno if i can ever rememeber 2 of those in a row. again, hoping but have to see it to believe it after 4 seasons of it. the lack of scoring is particuliarly alarming. 5 TDs in the last 6 games counting the last 2 preseason ones. carney's missed short range FG's have not cost a game yet but at the current rate they will eventually.

what's your take or score on each side of the ball?
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RE: offense/defense

The offense isn't performing as well as it could, which is just like the rest of the team: FRUSTRATING. Our o-line might be the most disappointing unit so far, IMHO. They were supposed to be one of our strongest positions and able to control the clock and the line of scrimmage. But these guys still haven't been able to move anybody and haven't opened any holes for Deuce. AB has been alright, bad game against Minny, but the others I think he has played well in. Deuce is still the best player on this team in my opinion. The WRs are better than I had thought (Donte deserves some serious props).

The defense is almost too weird to comment on. Coming into last week's game with the Bills, they were 30th again in points allowed. We had hardly forced any turnovers, yet they seemed to play decently overall, I guess. They make most plays when they need to, but they miss some big tackles and make dumb mistakes still. Overall they seem to be better than last year (but there was nowhere to go but up so I don't know how comforted I am).

Let's not forget how crappy our special teams have been. 2 opening kick returns fumbled that pretty much doomed our chances of playing a focused game. Carney missed 2 short field goals that absolutely killed our momentum on big drives in both games. Michael Lewis is out, but I don't think this is a big deal because he just runs out of bounds anyways.

Overall, I think we are playing better than last year, but we are still annoyingly inconsistent. I think that most of that comes from bad coaching. Our offense has the ability to shine and our defense is improving.
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RE: offense/defense

the defense looks to actually be coming around
One game against the Colts and this squad would look like the High school team they are .

To keep some perspective :

Carolina 25th ranked offense / 20 points scored
Giants 8th ranked offense / 27 points scored
Minnesota 23 ranked offense / 33 points scored
Buffalo 31st ranked offense / 7 points scored

Green Bay 21st ranked offense

The Saints are playing some early cellar dweller offenses .
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RE: offense/defense

Agreed 08. But hey at least.....um, nevermind. We've been lucky to play crappy teams.
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RE: offense/defense

Well brooks had no choice but to throw to stallworth last week yeah !! Stallworth @!!! We need to scoree more !!! i hate field goals !!! The Defence whoooaaa they did good against the last ranked offfence but i dont care we won !! beat greenbay and falcons then i will be satisfied .....
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