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AB sucks!!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Brooks is a dumb period and should not be a QB in the NFLand the whole team needs to be retired or moved to LA....

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Brooks is a dumb period and should not be a QB in the NFLand the whole team needs to be retired or moved to LA.
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Originally Posted by BlackonBlack

And since when is counting on your QB more important than counting on your team?? AB didn't play grerat but he didn't stink up the joint either, the team did when can you people finally get that through your heads??
I question the wisdom of even responding to you. You seem a bit irrational after the loss...

In 2001, we drafted S Hodge at #70. He was our 2nd actual pick in that draft.
In 2002, we drafted J Allen at #82. He was our 4th pick in the draft.
In 2003, we drafted C Grant at #86. He was our 3rd pick in that draft.
In 2004, we drafted C Watson at #60. He was our 3rd pick, but in the 2nd round.
In 2004, we drafted C Bockwoldt at #240. He came in the 7th round, but does actually start for us.
In 2005, we drafted A Fincher at #82. He was our 3rd pick (I think).

So in 5 years we draft 6 LBs, 5 of them on the first day. The one guy we didn't draft on the first day actually starts for us now.

Now, our plans may not have worked out. Our draft picks haven't worked out at LB, but I don't think you can say that the team hasn't been attempting to address the position.

Or maybe you're arguing that the team didn't pick the guy YOU wanted or thought they should? Or that there is no way to get a valuable LB unless you use a 1st rounder for them?
As for MLBs -- Ed Hartwell was taken at 126 and he seems to have worked out well. Kendrell Bell and Jamie Winborn both went in the 2nd round and they are pretty good players. Napolean Harris went in the 1st round and isn't even with the team that drafted him and isn't setting the world on fire. Vilma went in the first round and can't shed blocks.

As for OLBs -- youre argument makes a bit more sense. Arrington was taken 2nd overall and I'm not sure I'd like him any more than the redskins. And the same draft that had Peterson and Bullock in the 1st round with Arrington had Ian Gold in the 2nd, Nail Diggs in the 4th, Gbaja-Biamila in the 5th, Dhani Jones and Adalius Thomas both in the 6th.
Will Witherspoon went at #73 and is arguably the best of that draft.
Terrell Suggs and DJ Williams both went in the first round in their years. But guys like Boss Bailey, Ted Lehman, Demorrio Williams, Karlos Dansby, and Tinoisamoa went no higher than early 2nd round.

I agree that a meaningful move needs to be made at the LB position. I'm arguing that we should have made a move on a known commodity via free agency.

You can criticize this team for MANY things, but we have drafted more than our share of LBs through the Haslett years. You may argue that Haslett can't evaluate a college LB and be totally correct, but you can't argue that we aren't drafting people to compete for the position.
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Brooks is good if we are playin' the Panthers..(he's not great even then)
I'm sold ,the dude sucks!
I have been a staunch AB supporter in this forum from day one..but
Is he the only reason we suck?
A big reason?
Our D need work, receivers,LB's,etc.....
This dude looks to the sun for help..
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Look, if someone still needs convincing that Brooks is a C- quarterback, then they aren't watching the games. He is representative of the whole. The team is low grade in talent and worse in game concentration. They suffer from lack of skill compounded by extreme lack of professionalism. Haslett is very poor as a coach and leader. For some reason he is unable to reach this team, prepare them for the opponent and derive their best efforts on game day. So, what do the Saints do with such poor performers. Pay them the bank and extend them for years into the future. Therefore, front office are idiots as well.
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While so true -- Bowman looked worse -- world of hurt
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Congratulations Aints!!! Our guys have managed yet again to make a highlight reel for another winless team. Aaron Brooks needs to trade his #2 Saints jersey in for an orange reflector vest & chase behind a garbage truck where he belongs! Hey Haslett, how are those stats now your always talking about. Jim "Has Been" Haslett is just as dumb as that moron he keeps at the helm. What coach keeps his star running back in aftera 42-3 route only to get his knee blown out. Congratulations dummy! Now you've managed to get the best offensive weapon on the team hurt for no reason. Any other coach would have had his pink slip waiting on him Monday morning. Lucky for Haslett, he works for an owner who is more concerned w/ selling tickets than actually winning games!!! Oh, by the way, how 'bout that defense!! If your reading this, Tom Benson, please fire the entire coaching staff & get rid of Brooks (not that any other team would give you more than a coke & a bag of chips for him)!!! It's sad to say, but I'm hoping we don't win another game this season. Maybe then, Haslett will get the axe & we will have a high enough draft pick to pick up Matt Leinhart.
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Aaron Brooks needs to trade his #2 Saints jersey in for an orange reflector vest & chase behind a garbage truck where he belongs!
& get rid of Brooks (not that any other team would give you more than a coke & a bag of chips for him)!!!
Welcome aboard gandhi. If that bag of chips is cool ranch doritos though, I think other teams will reject the deal. They're more valuable.
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