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2-3, How bad is it?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ok. That sucked. Let's face it, we need to learn to forget that game and soon, or it will be a long and terrible year. It is like the CB on the island - "I got beat last play?" This ...

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2-3, How bad is it?


That sucked. Let's face it, we need to learn to forget that game and soon, or it will be a long and terrible year. It is like the CB on the island - "I got beat last play?" This is the direction we need to go.

However, while I think players and fans should put that game behind them, just like a good cornerback, the coaches cannot.

With Atlanta and Tampa Bay losing, we didn't drop back in our division. Thus, the real questions for the coaches are what can we learn from this game, and where do we go now.

Here are my first pass thoughts, and I hope to hear from more of you:
1. We are not really pressing the passer the way a line that includes Howard, Grant, Smith, Whitehead, Young, and Bryant should. What is going on here? Maybe we need to blitz more, but with a front four made up of these guys, we need to be able to get it done with just them sometimes. Sure, they're getting some pressure, but it isn't very consistent, and in my mind, not so impressive yet.

2. We need to revise our running game. Duece isn't looking good, and I'm sure it isn't just his fault. I thought we learned last year that we needed two back sets to really get going. Sure, we were way behind and we had to pass, but still, we need to focus more on being effective on the obvious running plays.

3. It is time for McPherson to get some reps in practice. Bouman sucks, as he always has, and Brooks is too expensive for the play he is giving us.

4. We need a linebacker for crying out loud. Watson and Bockwoldt are fine, but they aren't playmakers. The rest of the crew is serviceable at best! Damn it, why didn't we fix this problem this offseason (or the one before, or the one before).

5. The OLine, despite a bad day looks pretty good to me. Sure it'd be great to have a younger LT, but on the whole, I'm pretty pleased.

6. We also need a second CB, and how. After McKenzie, we suck. The Safeties are looking good to me, and Bullocks will only improve.

7. Our passing game needs some work. I was having trouble telling if it was the WRs, the scheme, or the "quality" of the GB pass defense today, but our guys were looking bad. Also, AB, despite his own flaws, wasn't throwing THAT badly in the first half - we need to catch the ones that hit our hands.

8. I do agree that Katrina has seriously disadvantaged our boys, with no actual home games, a good deal of distractions, and a lot of road tripping, but we need to focus.

Just a quick overview. I'd love to hear from you guys.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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RE: 2-3, How bad is it?

I don't remember dogging Brooks; I said he is too expensive for the performances we're getting from him.

I agree that our OL wasn't so good today, but in general, I'm pretty impressed with them. They have been fairly strong over the five games, and if it weren't for the fact that GB knew we were going to have to pass pretty well every play - they would have been better today.

Whence the hostility?
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RE: 2-3, How bad is it?

I hope that with the Atlanta game looming that Bouman is the one listed as inactive next week
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RE: 2-3, How bad is it?

Send Brooks and Bouman to Arizona for a 12 pack and future considerations .

Start McPherson and get him sometime under center .

Hasbeen is clueless and has no dignity left or he would have stepped down years ago .

This will most likely be the same scenario for the next 2 years , up and down with no real getting anywhere .
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Well that gameswas embarassing.

I'm still dreading NOT Drafting D.J, We needed a Linbacker and I know Brown is going to be good, when he's not false starting every second play, but DJ would have had a bigger IMPACT NOW!

What benefit has Brown had that we could've done with out?

What I mean is if we had him or not our run game was and is avg. Right?

DJ would've given us protection against the RUN, Which we need BAD, He could've set the tone and have other Linbackers step up!

Our offense is what it is and will stay that way until we get a new QB, I'm not blaming it all on Brooks but it SO painfully obvious that a change is needed.

I am very dissapointed that we didn't adress what everyone seemed to agree be our biggest weakness VIA the Draft.

With this good a pass rush I don't know what more we could do up front. Best I see it, is that teams are seeing that a screen past can get then 20-30 yds becuse there is NO LB anywhere in sight, and the run continues into the secondary which guarantees 2-3 missed tackles! Kind of take the pressure off knowing that don't U think?

That's all for now.

JENGA....I Win!
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I'm speachless. I have no clue how to salvage this season. Sure, we won two games, but we also almost lost against Carolina. We beat nobody in the Bills. Every other game, we got our rear end handed to us. I say put in the 3rd string quarterback and let him develop along with some other young guys on our team We're not going to win most of the games we have left to play anyways. We just asoon develop for next season.
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we suck, we suck, we suck. From all levels top to bottom, both lines, WR's, PK, LB's, DB's, Coaches... wtf. I did see this coming though, "you can can kick a dog so many times until he bites back" GB bit back hard.
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Credit JK man. JK has made an unemotional assessment and asked for feedback.

My view:

2. The running game has been a struggle for a long time. Even last year Deuce was working up channels that were really hard. Whose fault? I dunno. But I sat back this week and watched other teams rushing. I saw channels that RBs got through. So Sheppard needs to fix the problem. Deuce or the OL or the playbook is so simple the D can always read it? I dunno

3. AMAC - if the O is not wholly at fault cos of coaching.

6. Agree. When was the last time we has 2 good CBs? Even when we paid good money we never got we paid for.

8. Lest we forget. Man that was, and is, a wrecker. Frankly, 'cos of Katrina (666) or otherwise, the team has not turned up at NYG and MV. I can't say for today, 'cos at 2 TDs to 1 FG I stopped paying attention. But the score looks bad - even if the stats don't (if you ignore penalties, interceptions, fumbles, and missed FGs)
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1.) it doesn't matter who is on the offensive line if there is no lead blocker for deuce... history has proven this
1a.) it also doesn't matter who is on the o-line if deuce doesn't lose some weight and get quicker... he looks like he's running in quick sand for goodness sakes

2.) since la'roi glover left (bonehead move on our part) we have not had a decent DT on our roster... sully, young, whitehead (who's a DE not a DT), wouldn't start on St. Mary's powderpuff team

3.) can we please get a linebacker?! the ones we sign are on the brink of non-existence in the league and the ones we draft are terrible... i'm sorry but bockwoldt nor watson is the answer... watson is a liability in the pass game and bockwoldt couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat

4.) can we get someone to go on the other side of mckenzie in the secondary... we should have kept jimmy williams, and no fakhir brown is not the answer (although he has marginal value at nickel back like fred thomas)

5.) if carney doesn't retire we MUST cut him... misses way too many kicks outside of 35 yds... you can't rely on him anymore and he's cost us a couple of games (Jacksonville '03) along the way

6.) smiley has to go... get anyone in here besides him... too inconsistent, too unintelligent, not enough heart to lead even the boy's choir

7.) fire venturi and hire a real offensive coordinator... venturi's game plans never work b/c there's not a lot of pressure being placed on the quarterback... this simply will not cut it in the pass happy NFL
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After we beat Atlanta next week, all the talk about blowing up the roster will be replaced by "great effort! Huge win! Maybe Green Bay was the wake up call we needed! " etc etc etc..

I wish it weren't so, but we appear to be headed down the same path of the last 2 years: 8-8. Win, lose, win, lose...

I would love to be able to explain why it happens, but I honestly don't know.
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