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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'd hang on and see what JaMarcus Russell wants to do. At 6-6, 250, a super strong arm, good instincts and mobile, he's a serious stud. Watching him manage LSU's offense against the best defense in the country AT Alabama ...

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I'd hang on and see what JaMarcus Russell wants to do. At 6-6, 250, a super strong arm, good instincts and mobile, he's a serious stud. Watching him manage LSU's offense against the best defense in the country AT Alabama was every bit as impressive as watching Leinart roll over the patsies in the Pac-10.

I do like the Favre suggestion, too.
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I think with the porgression he has shown, JaMarcus will be a big time college player next year. Not that he isn't now, but to see the maturity he has shown from last season to this season is damn impressive. If he continues that into next year, he definitely would be worth looking at. But he will only be a junior, and kid stick around LSU. Besides the fact they have Perrilous on the bench, who will be pushing to play next year, if they red shirt him for this yea like they should. No prob if they just red shirt him next year though. Just doesn't solve our QB probs anytime soon.
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TallySaint, what's you take on my above post about the possibility of Farve in New Orleans?
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Interesting question -- seems like this thread has gone in a few different directions. Veterab support while we train a rookie -- I will try to hit all of the above.

First -- in order for that suggestion to be realistic we need to play Amac for the last 5 or 6 games. That way we will get an idea of what we are dealing with. With all of our other needs why draft a QB in the top 5 picks if Amac shows promise. However --- if we do draft a rookie I would rather Young from Texas.

Now for a verteran --- forget Brett Favre -- My guess is he retires a Packer -- and if for some reason he doesn't look for him to go to the Dolphins or Ravens. Solid teams who could use a QB. What does that leave us. Brees -- wouldn't fit in with our team -- Rivers -- never thought he was all that - and he technically is still a rookie. No one out there I am particularly impressed with as a short term prospect to help train the youngster.

So much as I hate to say it - we may need to just throw the rookie into the fire from the beginning. What's another losing year for us -- at least we may see some hope in the future.
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My take on Favre is he's going to retire a Packer. No way would a player like such move from one of the most respected and classy organization in sports entertainment and join the New Orleans Saints. There are too many questions surrounding this organization... why would Favre or any high profile free agent want to sign with us this off-season? We have no idea where we are going to play, who's coaching this team, nor know who will or won't be here. Instability... no who in their right might would want to go through all this. If I were Favre or a free agent, I wouldn't want to sell my services to a mediocre franchise that does not show that they want and are willing to do everything necessary into becoming a winning organization. For goodness sake, Haslett and Venturi are still here along with our inconsistent quarterback.

With all that said... I'm still a Saints fan. Sucks for me.
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vinny testiverde

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I can tell you we would be a hell of alot better off with Vinny at QB. I say trade Brooks straight up for another QB like Brees, Brad Johnson, Plummer, Volek, or Harrington and yes I said Harrington. I think Harrington is going to be one of those QB's that will do alot better in another system.

Use Deuce as trade bait! We would have to get a QB and RB together in the trade and maybe a 1st rounder and or second rounder. Yes I said it, trade Deuce before he gets hurt again next year and we can't get anything for him. Are any of you willing to take that chance. Some of the greatest would be a pro bowl player have ended the careers early because they were injury prone and Deuce fits that mold.

Brooks and Deuce to Detroit for Harrington and Jones and their first and second round pick this year. We can pick up Bush, Leinhart or Brickashaw (OT) or STUD LB in the draft with the first pick and Defense the rest of the way with the exception of a second round QB is we can't get Leinhart.

I know it sounds a little crazy guys but think about it. The way the team is going now we are going to get a new coach anyway so another 2 or 3 years of rebuilding in front of us anyway. Why not make all the moves we need now instead of postoning the inevitable.

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Originally Posted by TallySaint
Let's try this again.

For a moment, let's assume we're gonna develop a new QB - be it A-Mac or a draft pick. Let's also assume we'd trade AB to get some dollar room to work and need to sign a veteran to be our starter and provide stability in the mean time.

I feel pretty confident that we'd need to keep Brooks or sign a seasoned veteran in the mean-time. Many of you have suggested QB's that are prime for development, not a veteran that can keep the ship upright while the new guy develops.

But Tally, there's no such a thing as a veteran who can come in and keep the ship upright while someone develops... it never works. Either you bring in a veteran to start and be the man, or you put someone untested out there...

Here's the thing, in today's NFL, no young QB really develops until he's playing, nor do you know what you have until that QB is playing.

Take Carson Palmer, for example. He rode the pine for a year, and what good did that do him? Yes he had one year to learn the system, but little did that help him his first year. It wasn't until he was out there taking the hits that he started his actual developing...

Or, take a look at Chad Pennington. 3 years learning, just to find out that he's the second coming of Chris Chandler once he was on the field..

Look at Kurt Warner.. first the Giants, then the Cards; stunk up NY, and is stinking up Arizona...

I cannot think of one situation where a veteran QB was brought in to "keep the ship upright while the young QB develops" that has worked... it's more like you bring a veteran who still can play for 3-4 years, which is pretty much today's window of opportunity, or you throw your rookie to the Lions to see what you really have. Of course, you always can gamble on a backup...

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