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Is Deuce really the answer at RB ???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; the guy is obviously a top-tier running back . What makes you say that he had 1 good year that dosent make him the best.......

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Re: Is Deuce really the answer at RB ???

the guy is obviously a top-tier running back

What makes you say that he had 1 good year that dosent make him the best....
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All I know is...

Deuce is still ranked 112th in my fantasy football league and he hasn't played in weeks.
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i had said this exact thing a couple of games into the season. he doesn't look like the same back to me. when is the last big run he had. i haven't seen him break one in a long time. i think the injuries have taken their tole. now you are looking at an injury that may slow him next year. i think he can be the back. i do, especially if we bring in a new coaching staff but whether he is the same back or not might be two years away. if we don't get fooled again this year and have the usual haz late season surge to save his job and we can pick early enugh and reggie is there i don't think there is any way you can't pick the guy up. he may be the best football player in the draft. the guy is amazing and to me would be an LT type player in that he can do everything. i mean the guy can line up at wideout like a westbrook and is a ten times better running back. the guy is special and barring injury in my opinion will be one of those type of players you just don't see in the league that often. there is no way you can pass him up. to be honest i am not picking a qb if i am the saints with that first pick, because if it is high enough you pick up reggie bush. i mean man i would even trade deuce to move up in the round ( and obviously a couple of other picks too) and get bush.

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Originally Posted by spkb25
i mean man i would even trade deuce to move up in the round ... and get bush.
..don't you dare leaving me an open line like that again
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It's way too uncertain for me to tell. Deuce's performance has seemed to slack, but he has a new offensive coordinator and the entire Saints team can't run block to save their own lives. The run blocking has been horrendous on offense and special teams.
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I'd love to take Bush. Look at Duckett/Dunn, Holmes/Johnson, etc. Especially with somone as versatile as Bush.
The problem with that is really the contracts. I really don't know much about the cap and all that, but I do know Deuce makes some serious moolah and Bush would definitely command some too.

Maybe Deuce's injuries have been because of being out of shape or lazy, I don't know. If I had more insight into the situation I'd be able to say with confidence that we should trade him or not. What would we get in exchange? The way star running backs have been going so cheaply lately doesn't inspire much hope in me.

I wouldn't take a quarterback with our pick, that's for sure.
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This is a major misconception about speed... you either have it or you don't and the older you get the more quicker you lose it. You can work on building your speed but you're going going to have a VAST improvement.
Sure, I agree with one thing: YOU CAN'T TEACH SPEED. But let's say first that Deuce is NOT old. He's 26. That's really quite young. Maybe if Deuce was 35, I would agree that he can't get that speed that he had a few years ago back. But, he's still young, and I really believe that he can get back to his old form. Sure, he does need to lose a pretty good amount of weight, and he really needs to train hard this offseason, but he can easily get it back. It's not like just because he got injured, he automatically lost his speed; that's just stupid. IF he can get healthy and slimmer, this guy is definitely the answer because he can do so many things: run inside, run outside, catch, and block. He's the total package at the RB position, but I might be starting to question his drive if he keeps coming into the season overweight and out of shape.
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