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Your reaction to the Saints returning home

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; WHOAOAOAAOAOAO YEAHAHAHAHA WE GOT EM BACK !!!!!!!! This has made my day Saints are coming back !!!! I would be alot happier if they would have said benson sold the team and they will remain in new orleans 4 ever ...

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This has made my day Saints are coming back !!!!

I would be alot happier if they would have said benson sold the team and they will remain in new orleans 4 ever ~~~!!!!!! but oh well i cant wait we will have lienart !!!! YEAH GOOOO SAINTS !!!!! we will have a healthy deuce ....for how long..... hahhahahaha whoaoao yeah gooo saints !!!!!!!!
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Great News!

This is all I Really wanted for Christmas! So it's five days late... at least I got what I wanted.

It's going to be hard to overcome the hatred toward Benson, but I'll do my best.
I guess I can still hate him And buy tickets too. Buying tickets is the only way we'll keep our team.
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Hey Les, thanks alot for visiting. Some of the faithful posters actually know what they're talking about here. Please visit often. These guys and gals are never at a loss for words. No here's my take:

This will be a very important part of the recovery not only of New Orleans but the entire region. No where else in the world are fans as rabid and loyal as Saints Fans. Even when we were the aint's people still showed up, albeit with bags on their heads, but we still showed up. Having over 30 consecutive home sell outs over the last several years should speak volumes as to the support the Saints have, maybe not the entire organization though and yes I am talking about the Count and his merry band of bloodsucking politicians from San Antonio.

I really believe if you had a game next week in the Superdome it would be a sell out inspite of Benson. I just bought a Saints blanket the other day and not just because I was cold but because it was from my team, the Saints. A team we have all cried for, laughed at and reveled in a very few accomplishments. I will continue to purchase merchandise, tickets or anything else I can to show my support.

The Saints returning to New Orleans means "hope" to alot of people, faith if you will and wasn't that the what this season was supposed to be about anyway. Faith and hope are returning to New Orleans and along with the Saints alot more citizens and businesses that believe the samething, you have to have "faith".

Once again Les, thanks for visiting and hope to see you soon and often. Thank you for giving our members a way to speak out concerning the team we love.

Welcome aboard!!!

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dear mr. benson.

I was watching the first game at tulane stadium while you were probably trying to hard sell a customer on a used car lot..........I've been there, done that, and would like to see anything you say put in writing, backed up by attorneys, (our own) and signed in blood, (your own) so we have no misunderstandings................thanks, a loyal and original saints fan..........
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I'm not going to post my opinion on the matter because I believe I may be a bit late. However, I will comment on the choice of a writer coming here and asking for a response from true Saints fans. I think it's a great move, and I'm glad that the media world is starting to pay attention to what is going down on this board. Mark Clark has repeated broadcasts over the radio airwaves and is bringing great publicity to this site. I'm digging every minute of it.

I'm glad the word is getting out about this board. It's a great place to find opinions and discussions of true, intelligent, well-rounded fans of the New Orleans Saints.

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my immediate thoughts concerning the saints-

i have been a fan since age 13 watching john gilliam return that first kickoff. i can recite the littany of fumbles that has been this franchise. my support for them has never wavered. a few times when living in a different area of the country i attempted to break away from the saints as a fan. that meant football altogether, i always stumbled back like an alcoholic. i quit trying and found peace as a supporter like a chicago cubs fan has to have... love dem bumbling bums. hey, the red sox and white sox won world championships after 80+ years, maybe i'll see one in nawlins before i die.

i bought the baton rouge ticket packages even though i couldn't make any of the games. i can only hope there is some sense of higher justice in the nfl ranks that can keep the saints here. anyone who makes only a cursory investigation into the situation can see that benson has no sense of community in NO and has done all that he can to move the team. i believe only the nfl and the other owners pressure have kept them here this long. i applaud benson for buying the franchise and keeping it in NO. but isn't it enough to to see your 80million dollar investment turn into a minimum of 500million, and possible a billion dollars? must you extort more money from one of the poorest and uneducated states in the union? wouldn't a better legacy be the man who made the saints louisiana's permanently without a doubt? move them and your effigy will be burned in the streets and your name cursed by my grandchildren.

i hope they will stay. i will hope until the day they would leave. there can be no more san antonio saints though than there could be las vegas cubs. the saints are a part of the fabric of new orleans. perhaps the old buzzard will croak and things might improve with his granddaughter at the helm. perhaps terry bradshaw as an owner could infuse some positive life from the top rather than dread. perhaps another new owner named could see the profit and the public relations coup of buying your own stadium and investing in rather than extorting from your homebase. no one knows. i just keep hoping after 38 years. maybe matt leinhart or vince young next spring will be the catalyst to bring the committed hearty fans of this franchise what they deserve. i'll be there whether they do or don't.
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No comment...

F.J. Rodrigue
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Mark does a great job and should be hailed......
Mark........any relation to Makers Mark?
I love me some me.......
but seriously...bout time the site got props........GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!
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Originally Posted by BlackandBlue
Originally Posted by saintz08
Originally Posted by Halo

Guys, Les East is a writer for the Baton Rouge Advocate and has credentials approved and confirmed. Please welcome him to our board and join in conversation, and QA with him.

Les, welcome to the board!

Mark Clark
Real Nice .......

By The Way ........

That's like coming home , having dinner and going through the routine to say :

By the way , dear we won the lottery .

Front page post and proper acknowledgement is a must here ......
Ummm....did someone get their peepee stuck in the hole in the wall again? What's with the snide comments, bro?

Would that be my first snide remark here at B and G , Bubba Gump ???

A proper introduction would be fitting here at B and G don't you think ?? A little red carpet treatment is a good thing ....
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