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Schuab for a 2nd?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If there is any truth to this rumor, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Then we could trade down and acquire more picks... that 2nd would be easy to get back whether it's this or next year....

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If there is any truth to this rumor, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Then we could trade down and acquire more picks... that 2nd would be easy to get back whether it's this or next year.
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To tell you the truth, from what I've seen from Schuab on a talent level, I believe he is a proven NFL QB. If we did acquire him, then we would no longer have a need to draft a franchise QB. We could then trade down for at least another first round pick and probably two second round picks, and then draft Hawk. We would then be able to fill many more holes with the additional top quality picks.
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As long as the Falcons have Ron Mexico as their QB, I too do not believe they would trade Matt Schuab. Anyway, I found this link:

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Originally Posted by mjf150
Where did you read the article? I'm not knocking your information, but this could be the same source that named Palmer as our Offensive Coordinator. And if it came out of Pro Football Weekly, then their info is usually right only half the time.
It was posted at SI from the Dayton Daily News, not sure where they came by the info.


Would be a good deal if we could manage it.
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Like I said in my previous post, that would alieviate the need to draft a QB, because Schaub is proven commodity. Trading would then become a feasible option. We would gain more picks and still be able to draft a great defensive player in A.J. Hawk.
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That seems like the Bengals local media just throwing out a feeler since they may lose Kitna and Palmer's season hinging on his rehab. I doubt the Falcons would trade Schaub, especially with his ability to lead the team when Vick is hurt. Maybe the dirty birds will take Vicks 2nd cuz for Schaub, or better yet they'll draft his little bro as his back-up. I see those as better rumors.
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If Atlanta presented this trade to me, I would pull the trigger in a heartbeat, because it would be one of the dumbest moves that organization could make, given it's current status.
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I'd be very much OK with the trade, Schuab has the talent and has proved to me that he plays the game very well, I'd take him over Matt and Vince, reason is we know what we would have in Schuab next season, we could begin winning pretty quickly, can't say the same for sure with young drafted qb's, so to answer the question, yes I would make the trade, I'd do it, dame right I'd do it..
The Falones are crazy to even think about it much less trade their best QB on their team.
Schuab is a winner

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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The ONLY way I do this trade, depends on if we traded Bentley or not. Here's why. As someone posted in this thread, our second round pick is like a late first. Do I REALLY wanna give that to the Falcons, knowing MANY good players will still be available at that pick? Not me. But what if we traded LeCharles, and at least got a second and third for him? I'd take that later second, and trade it for Schaub. Then we have a QB, still have our first, our second, and also a third. Then I trade down no further than the Jets if they want Leinart, and pick up D'Brick with that pick. D'Brick and Jamaal as bookends? That's gold. I'd love Hawk, but if we lost Bentley, which trading him would be, we'd need a stud lineman elsewhere on the line. D'Brick is the guy. If he is gone, then Hawk. But we would still have our early second, and there will be a couple of good LBs still available there at that pick. But no franchise LTs.

Another way I would consider the trade is if Atlanta gave us their second, later in the round, and Schaub for our second, which, again, is just like a late first. I like Schaub, and think he is a good QB, but not straight up for the high second we have, without some other things falling into place first.
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I understand your thinking, but consider this: We take Schaub in trade for our second round pick. So, now we've solved our QB delima. Then we trade down a few spots with team XYZ in the first round and get a first round pick, plus an extra second and probably third, and maybe even another first for next year. We would then be able to draft A.J. Hawk with the first round pick, and still have a second round pick from the Falcons, plus two third round picks, and possibly an extra first or second for next year.

But I still don't think they are in the market to trade Schaub.
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