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The Early BMG free agency plan 2006

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Now that we have 3 more days to wait until free agency, I'll throw out my thoughts on how to improve this off-season. I'm not going to deal with cuts in this post, simply on targets that I think will ...

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The Early BMG free agency plan 2006

Now that we have 3 more days to wait until free agency, I'll throw out my thoughts on how to improve this off-season. I'm not going to deal with cuts in this post, simply on targets that I think will put us in a good position on draft day. I'm also going to address a comprehensive view of guys that I think we can get (yes, I'm perhaps too optimistic about this).

NFL | Free agency starting three days later
Thu, 2 Mar 2006 14:06:44 -0800

ESPNews reports the NFL has delayed the start of free agency by three days. It was previously scheduled to begin Friday, March 3.
LeCharles Bentley--Priority 1 during free agency is LeCharles Bentley. I feel like I'm the only Saint fan left in the world that wants him to stay at center, but we cannot let him leave. I feel so strongly about this that I would franchise LeCharles to keep him.

Maake Kemoeatu--DT--Ravens. Kemoeatu will make us better against the run. The defense won't ever get better if we don't get better in the middle. It's a good idea to overspend for this guy. He won't pressure the QB any, but he should allow us to move Whitehead back outside. If we can't get Kemoeatu, I'd be in favor of trying to get Rob Meier from the Jags and give him a shot at starting over Whitehead. He's more of a pass rush guy, but still productive.

If we franchise Bentley (because I don't see us getting a long term deal done in 3 days) and pay big money for Kemoeatu, we probably won't have a lot of money left, so we have to shift focus to a few need areas in the priority I'd put on them.

Bart Scott--LB--Ravens. Has been trapped behind Ray Lewis and played well when he's been on the field. It's a lock that he could come in and start for us. He might like the guaranteed start and decent money. Depends on what happens with Ray Lewis and the rest of that franchise, but I think he's an achievable pick up.

If we have money left over, maybe these guys would be worth a pass from the FO.

Mike Vanderjagt--K--Colts--He's still elite. His mouth and his missed kick probably spell the end in Indy. He should be affordable and we could let Carney retire.

Jeb Putzier--TE--Broncos--He was cut by the Broncos today. He's caught for a lot of yards. Payton has a lot of experience working the TE's in Dallas. He might be nice to put into the mix given Horn's injury history and the problems we have with slot receivers.

My basic goal for this free agency period is to deal secure the offensive line and then get stronger up the middle of the D. The top 3 guys I've listed would make this a phenomenal off-season for me. I figure that we'd be in good shape to deal with the QB, LT, LB, CB positions through the draft. It would be nice if Payton put a couple of good FAs to build a defense around.

Any thoughts?

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RE: The Early BMG free agency plan 2006

Well we can't Franchise Bentley because the deadline for that has come and gone. But I'm with you on the fact that he should be offered a good contract and kept.

Putzier and Vanderjagt I also agree with. I'm not sold on the two Ravens players you suggest because Baltimore is under the cap and probably won't be cutting anyone. But I've said elsewhere there will be some great players cut so we can shore up the D pretty easily with some creative shopping.
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RE: The Early BMG free agency plan 2006

I dont know much about the DT from the ravens, but I like rocky bernard form seattle. he might be a little on the expensive side but he's a solid player.
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RE: The Early BMG free agency plan 2006

I like Maake... then we could play Sully at his right position. With a space eater next to him, Sully could easily get 7 or 8 sacks. Maake wouldn't even break us... I don't believe his asking price high. He should be a high priority on our list.

Bart Scott is interesting and wouldn't be a bad signing if we couldn't get Akin or Witherspoon down here. Once again like Maake, he shouldn't command a large contract. Anyone who has been trained by Ray Lewis is good in my books.

We really do need a kicker and Vanderjagt is one of the league's elite... but I think he's going to spend a lot of drunken nights at strip clubs on Burboun. I'll have to pass on that one.

My targets in free agency include Maake, Shawn Barber, Eric Warfield, and Derek Smith. I think Andre Dyson would make a nice nickel corner for us also.
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Just a couple of thoughts. I like the idea of adding a run-stuffing DT to help our run defense. I like the others on the site haven't done that much research on the Ravens but I hear the guy is good at the point of attack. I think we should be able to cut some more players, Aaron Brooks most notably and clear some more room to add players. I personally think we need a stud corner in the mold of Charles Woodson maybe at a much reduced price from his 2005 salary. With that said, I belive we could then add a play maker like Bobby Carpernter or Thomas Howard at the LB position via the draft.
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Hey Nancy is sully playing out position? First I have heard of that?
Maake Kemoeatu or Kendrick Clancy DT would be nice additions but Maake does have size advantage.
Putzier is nice but he will want $$$ we won't spend.
Mike would be a second pick among kickers. Ryan Longwell would be first.
Na'il Diggs LB of GB is a good pick up maybe.
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Ravens | Kemoeatu will test free agency
Thu, 2 Mar 2006 20:37:01 -0800

Jamison Hensley, of the Baltimore Sun, reports Baltimore Ravens DL Ma'ake Kemoeatu will test the free agent market starting March 6. The Ravens have made it a priority to re-sign him and have talked at length with his agent, Ken Vierra.
Overpay for the guy. I'd have him in the offices on Monday morning.
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Yes Hagan he is... and people have been saying for quite some time. I didn't understand what they meant because I always thought a DT was a DT which isn't the case. He's a better pass rusher than he's a run stuffer... he's playing on the wrong side. He needs someone next to him that will eat up blockers.

Na'll Diggs would be a nice pickup.
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Mike Vanderjagt - as for as kickers go... why on earth would you leave the Colts? You get an offense that would put in you range A LOT, and gets you a ton of EPA. All that does is help you make the Hall of Fame.

lets see the reason for going to NO, maybe more money, but I'll have to kick for a team that sucks, I'll have to kick for a team that won't give me as many oppitunites...

I am all for FA signings on D. I like our chances in the draft as for as the OL goes, give me Brink and Mangold and sign Bently we will have a line for years to come.

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