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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Yo Kool, good to see ya. A whole lotta love has been sprouting around here. Ignore the new designated harasser on this thread. ~~~let's catch up sometime...

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Yo Kool, good to see ya. A whole lotta love has been sprouting around here. Ignore the new designated harasser on this thread. ~~~let's catch up sometime
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RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

SFIAH, Kelley, and BMG,

Good to hear from you guys. I think I may be around a bit more now that there is something goin' on to talk about (and my own work load is decreased).

BMG, I'll check out the thread, but off the top I don't think we have the personel for a 3-4, especially since we let Howard go (we could have used Smith as a Rush End before).

Now that I'm thinking about it a bit, maybe it is the plan to draft Young or Leinhart still. Brees could groom them and maintain until then. Bennett had a 1,000 yard season not that long ago - he'll be a plenty good threat when Duece gets hurt again. I like it.

I'm not really sold on Brees yet, and everyone know I've been a Brooks defender in the past; however, I'm glad to see some move by the FO (and not simple back up moves), that is what I am truly glad for.

In the end, I suppose it'll be awhile before the "Brooks takes over threads" thing goes away, eh?

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

Billy is that you? I knew you would make it back sooner or later.

Good to hear from ya Kool.
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Re: RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

Originally Posted by fatz6179
yea h I agree he'll get back-up to the top and kick ass
When has he ever been on top?Oh yeah did'nt he lead the nfl in fumbles or was it backword passes I forget. One more thing how old are you?
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

Tiger, he can't be older than 20, but who knows, he could be a kid with nothing to do.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

who ever this joker is...i have seen 3rd graders who write better than him.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?

To settle the Brees thing, I'll say this. I'm a Charger fan (2nd behind the Saints, of course). Did anyone watch the game last year when they upset the Colts and handed Peyton and his crew their first loss of the regular season? Everyone anticipated the Chargers' running game to score on the Colts and, had Tomlinson been shut down, the Chargers would lose. Well, Tomlinson WAS shut down. Granted, it was the Chargers' defense that won the game, someone had to score points and move down the field. It may have been ugly, but Brees did it.

Besides, how can Antonio Gates be so dominant? Someone has to throw him the football correctly.

As far as Bennett goes, I do recall him torching the Saints in a couple of games. He also did me pretty good in Fantasy Football as well.
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Billy was more eloquent than that. I bet he could even do jive talk better than that also. LOL

I see him over in one of the other forums. With Brooks being history now he might actually be a pleasant pot stirrer now. Whaddya think?
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We gambled on Brees done deal. We have an out next year if it does not work. I can deal with it.
Bennett is another gamble i will take. He is very good in the spread offense. Problem can our WR stop dropping the ball and force D's out of the 8 in the box against us for a change. Lets not talk about the OL here. Brees throws a good ball to backs out of the back field. If Duce goes down we do not have a back that can run inbetween the T now. That is my big worry.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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I agree hagan. If deuce goes down we hve no one between the tackles, I know the FO likes Keith Joseph but I know nothing about the guy...I really think they should hold onto Smith or Thomas
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