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Better them then US!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Wow... outside the country??? Where would the NFL want to go? Mexico City, London... where do you think they would go?...

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Wow... outside the country??? Where would the NFL want to go? Mexico City, London... where do you think they would go?
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Canada...large cities that have a population that can fill stadiums with ticket prices that are what they are, already has a football-established fanbase, is a close enough neighbor to make away games viable options for established league owners and no travel restrictions on fans to those same away games. plus, no real time difference from other teams.
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i've always heard mexico city tossed around, but the logistics of that would be a nightmare. i would rather sign the sorriest contract, for the sorriest team in the league, than play for a team in mexico city. hell, the announcers this past fall were instructed not to leave their hotel.
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No team will be placed outside the US. The NHL & MLB can't make teams financally stable there and they've been trying for years. The problem is the TAXES. Canada has nearly a 50% tax rate, and so players don't take home as much. The players feel like they're getting shafted, and the teams don't generate the same revenues.
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I just want to say that I would hate to see any city lost their team. That officially blows in a not good way either. I really think they should just expand by a couple of teams to even it out and stop screwing with everyone's emotions Smokey!
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