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Chat with ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=11319 Welcome to The Show! On Friday, ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green will stop by to take your questions about the recent NFL free agency moves and more. Green writes regularly for ESPN.com's NFL Insider section and is a former ...

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Chat with ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green


Welcome to The Show! On Friday, ESPN.com NFL Insider Jeremy Green will stop by to take your questions about the recent NFL free agency moves and more. Green writes regularly for ESPN.com's NFL Insider section and is a former NFL scout and director of pro personnel for the Cleveland Browns.
Send your questions now and join Jeremy right here on Friday at 2:30 p.m. ET for all the answers.

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Buzzmaster: Jeremy will be here soon to answer your NFL questions!

Jeremy Green: Hey guys - sorry I missed you last week. We have to keep it tight today - only an hour as I have to do an ESPN NEWS hit at 4:00. Lets get started.

Mike H (KC, KS): How far will Vince fall in the draft?

Jeremy Green: I don't think very far. I still thin Leinart will go #2 to the Saints or the Jets moving up, leaving Vince going 3rd to the Titans. I know through sources in the organization that the Titand are very excited about the prospect of getting Young at #3.

Aaron (Los Angeles): When will Lendale White be drafted after his poor performance at USC's Pro Day?

Jeremy Green: He has now droped into that 20-32 area. As of today it looks like he will be the 4th RB taken, given teams such as Carolina, Indy and Pittsburgh an opportunity at the bottom of the round. Based on his playing style and need for an attitude adjustment, I think Pittsburgh because of Cowher's style and their veteran laden team would be a great landing spot for him.

andy (pgh): i think that farve is being selfish and should either announce his stay or retirement? it is just messing with their draft and season. what do you think.

Jeremy Green: I agree 100% and I am tiring of the entire saga. Either play or retire, but it is dragging on way too much. He is doing the team a dis-service too because this has prevented them from going out and poentially adding a veteran QB.

Mike (New York): What are the Jets going to do with that #4 pick?

Jeremy Green: Two options. They will move up to #2 and take Leinart or stay at #4 and take Ferguson. With the Saints trading Gandy and signing Brees, it would be natural for them to move down two spots pick up a pick and draft Ferguson. It would give them a great book end tackle to go with Jamaal Brown who they took last season.

joe, nyc: what happened to nagato's stock??

Jeremy Green: It is not as much that he is dropped as it is that Bunkley from Florida St. had a pheomenal workout. Nagoti is still a top 15 pick and even if Bunkley goes to Buffalo I do not see Nagoti falling below the Browns pick.

Chris (Lacey, WA): Jeremy, whats the latest on the Javon Walker story? Do you think Thompson bites the bullet and trades him (maybe a 2nd rounder) or does he stand firm and make Javon pout on the sidelines?

Jeremy Green: I think the Packers would like to move him, but the problem is nobody is willing to give that 2nd round pick. Teams are offering a 2nd day pick (4th round) - I don't see Green Bay just gving him away like that.

Brian (Calgary, Alberta): Are the 49ers actually going to use the #6 pick or do you see them moving down? Who do they pick?

Jeremy Green: I think they will stay where they are. I really like TE Vernon Davis for them in this spot. Some experts have also talked about AJ Hawk, but I do not see him as real good fit in the 3-4 defense.

Brandon (North Carolina): Why do the analysts on here answer the same questions every chat session but I've only seen one or two questions in the last month answered about the Cardinals? You of all people I would expect to see something about the Cards! It's alright cus they are going to the playoffs and then everyone will be on the bandwagon!!!!

Jeremy Green: stop whining... I normally get crucified for answering too many Cardinals questions.

Travis (Indiana State): Any chance that a Mario Williams will really be taken second overall?

Jeremy Green: No, I don't see the Saints making that pick. THey have two Young DE's already and would be wise to go another direction. The only team that would be willing to move up would be Green Bay, butI don't see the need as I believe he will be there at #5.

Chris (Lacey, WA): Jeremy, If you're GB and have the choice between Hawk and filling that huge LB hole, or the potential of Williams and filling a smaller hole at DE, what do you do?

Jeremy Green: I owuld take Hawk if I were in Green Bay. I;m not completely sold on Williams. I here too many people comparing him to Peppers when he came out and I just don't see it. Hawk is going to be a superstar from Day 1.

Mad Mike (Houston): Jeremy: Your opinion of the offseason moves of the Texans. With Bush being their number one it now looks as though their offense can be explosive and hard to match up. I think we will see both Bush & Davis on the field at the same time. I also like it that they did not go after some high dollars FA's as the draft is so deep and they have 4 picks in the first 66. Thanks.

Jeremy Green: I really like what the Texans have done. They have improved the O-line and made a great trade for Moulds. They will add Bush and all of a sudden we will get a chance to see waht type of QB Carr can be. So far I like what they have been doing.

Rob (New Jersey): What will the Broncos do with their two picks, numbers 15 and 22?

Jeremy Green: There has been some talk about them packaging the picks to move up for the TE Davis or a future QB since Plummer is 31 and even though he had a career season last year they still could not get it done. Personally, I think Shanahan thinks they are close and adding two players could put them over the top this season. I think they need to add two playmakers, so I like the WR Jackson and then the TE Pope with their two picks.

Majeed: YO JG answer me this. How do you see the NFC East shaping up? My buddy Mike thinks his Eagles will win the division. Your thoughts?

Jeremy Green: I think the Eagles are the 4th best team in the Division right now based on the additions the other teams have made. I'm going to go with the Skins right now. There FA siginings this season made sense for a change and they found players that actually fit. They are going to be much more explosive with Sanders as the OC and the defense is solid.

Sean (Charlottesville VA): If you are the Cardinals GM, would you take Cutler, Vernon Davis, or the best available defensive player, or do you have a better choice? Also, Mayweather or Judah?

Jeremy Green: Davis is a no-brainer if he is on the board but I don't think he will be there. Next I would say the DC Williams from Va. Tech. He along with Rolle would give them two excellent young DC;s with size and AA. I would say Culter 3rd out of that group. As for the fight - I have alwasy like Mayweather.

Chris (Pittsburgh): who will the Steelers get to replace Randle El?

Jeremy Green: A lot will depend on how the draft falls. If all 4 top RB's were gone when they picked, I like Sinorcie Moss from Miami with this pick. He has some Randle El type traits.

Brad (NM): I know the Bills are so bad they don't deserve to have questions answered about them..but seriously..who's running that team?..They've made the WORST FA moves and their old owner doesn't seem confident they'll be around much longer.

Jeremy Green: That is what I love about you Brad... don't hold back. I saw your "paper bag" scenario too. Levy is running the team, but he doesn't have a clue. Wilson doesn't know what it going on. While I like Jauron as a coach he has never been great in terms of assessing personnel. Don't fre though Brad - the Jets are in your Division and they are currently the worst team in football.

Plu (Eglin AFB, FL): What are the RAIDERS going to do????? They need DT more than LB......

Jeremy Green: This is the Raiders - they will take the best available athlete in every round - even if the guy can't play. In round 1 they would jump on Young if he were there. Hawk or Davis would also be solid picks.

Andrew (Rhode Island): If you had to pick (and you do), who would you guess is the most likely first round pick to end up being a bust?

Jeremy Green: The DC Cromartie. I love his physical tools, but he has not been healthy. Here is a guy that has started one career at DC and now a ton of people have him in the first round. I don't know if he can hold up physically and that is why I think he has a lot of bust potential.

Mike (San Diego): Where do you have the Dolphins ending up in their division? My buddy Majeed is a huge fan, and I'm hoping you burst his bubble like you did with my Iggles!

Jeremy Green: Sorry Mike. I like the Dolphins to win the Division. I am one of the few people that really think they should sign Harrington to hold down the fort until Culpepper is healthy. I think Joey would be surrounded by more talent in Miami and I think if he had to start the first 4-6 games ,he could keep them at about .500. The Jets and Bills are awful and the Pats have done little to nothing to improve their team.

Pete (NY): Who are the Bears drafting with their first pick?

Jeremy Green: DC or TE, and I would go DC here because there is a lot of depth at the TE position. We saw late in the season that they need to upgrade the DC spot oppoite of Vasher. I like Yobouty from Ohio St. with htis pick.

William (Phoenis): DC? Dontcha mean CB? ENGLISH JEREMY!

Jeremy Green: No William, I meant DC, as in Defensive Corner.

Eric K. Wi: Give me some sleepers in the draft and a couple overrated stars? Who is the best pick for the pack?

Jeremy Green: We already talked about some potential busts. Two sleepers I really like are Daniel Manning the DC from Abeliene Christian and OG Kevin Booth from Cornell. They are both obvious small school players that I believe will go in the first day of the draft.

Brett (LA): Do you think Denver taking D'Angelo Williams with the 15 makes sense? He'd be amazing in that offense

Jeremy Green: Hey Brett. I think he will be there and I think that Denver needs to add a RB. I just don't see why they would go against their philosophy of not taking RB's in the first round. That is whey I think they go WR and then TE.

Brandon (NC): Is it possible that the Cards will trade down with Denver to get their two first rounders? Who would Denver trade up to get? Who would AZ get with the two picks?

Jeremy Green: I don't think so. The only way that would happen is if Denver were coming up for the TE Davis. If he were on the board the Cards would take him themselves. Lets say hypothetically the Cards did move down though. at 15 they could potentially take Winston Justice to fill their O-line need and then at 2 come back with Jonathan Joseph the DC from S. Carolina.

Joe (Parkersburg, IA): Where do you see Abdul Hodge going? He could be a great value pick, I think.

Jeremy Green: Hey Joe. I agree with that assesment. I think he is going to be an excellent NFL player and would be a great pick in the mid-2nd round.

Clitty (Ark.): Hey Jeremy, who will the Vikings take? Thanks!

Jeremy Green: I like Chad Greenway here. He slipped a little after the combine and an average workout but as teams continue to watch tape he is slighly on the rise again. He is smart and fluid LB - something they really need to add i nthe middle of that new Cover 2 defense they will be running.

Mike (San Diego): JG, here's your chance to be a pioneer in the chat room. Dinner at Donovan's Steak & Chop House, for you and Majeed, if the 'Fins have a better record than the Iggles. Gotta post this man!

Jeremy Green: you are on - my treat if the Eagles win more games.

Damon (Columbia, SC): Wat do think about the safety Ko Simpson from South Carolina, he has all the athletic talent, but needs a little more discipline, which team could hold his future?

Jeremy Green: Simpsons stock has been on the decline which is a little surprising in a draft where there is not a lot of top Safeties. I like him in that 35-45 range in the 2nd round. He would be a solid fit in Baltimore where they need to replace Demps.

Nick (Dover, Pa): Why down on the Eagles? Anyways, is Chad Jackson a good fit for them?

Jeremy Green: Down on them because they have no had a good off-season. As for Jackson, he would be a solid fit. I really think a better option for them would have been finding a vet though. McNabb throwing to two young receivers in Brown and then Jackson, would be tough on him because there are bound to be a lot of mental mistakes.

Jeremy Green: Sorry guys. I have to run. The regulars know that I am always good to my word. That means I will gve you guys 1 1/2 to 2 hours next week if we can keep it flowing.

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