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Chargers could bolt

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; First, why is it your duty to comment on every response I give to people on the forum? Nothing good to contribute I guess. Second, I asked for a link, cause this is the same guy who told us EVERY ...

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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Chargers could bolt

First, why is it your duty to comment on every response I give to people on the forum? Nothing good to contribute I guess. Second, I asked for a link, cause this is the same guy who told us EVERY Chargers fan was happy Brees was leaving, and when I told him that was untrue, he said I didn't know cause I didn't live in San Diego, not knowing I chat online with fans from ALL teams, including the Chargers, AND that I have seen people switch to being Saints fans from the Chargers simply cause of Brees. So, i'll say to you AGAIN, I hate when people post without knowing their facts.

To Euph, I read where the city said they had too many things on their plate to worry about the Chargers right now, and where it said the deal offered by the Chargers was scrapped. Thanks for the info.

#1 i dont respond to every post u make to people... i was pointing out to you that he had already posted a link to it and didnt seem to understand that...

#2 not everything people say on here has a link to it and that is all you want to see is a link... give me a link... i want a link...where is my link!?!?!?!?

#3 since you say you talk to fans of every team... do you like live on the net? is that all you do? i mean... every other post i see on this site is by you... and its generally disagreeing with any opinion that anyone else seems to have... whether they know their facts or not... it really doesnt matter.... this is a forum for saints fans.. whether they know what they are talking about or not... so i really dont care if you hate when people post without knowing their facts... the real fact is... they dont have to... and i would appreciate it... if you would stop hounding everyone about it....

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I don't hound everyone, just you, cause you have a REPEATED pattern of posting negative to what I say, which is no problem, but it is usually just totally incorrect info. Yeah we are all here to talk, and this site is great for that, but i'm not here for people just to make up whatever they want just to disagree with people. But if that's how you roll.................

Second, I moderate an NFL forum not specific to one team. That's why I get to talk to fans of all teams. I come here to talk Saints, cause there aren't many Saints fans on that forum. But one thing I have learned in posting, you gain more credibility having facts for your arguments than not. Maybe you should take notes.................

Third, there are certain people who have a track record on here for providing factual arguments that I would not even question or ask for a link, so that's another blatantly false comment by you, but i'm not surprised. Seems habitual. But when I a guy has already told me I didn't know something about San Diego cause I didn't live there, and I knew it to be COMPLETELY false, well, I am gonna ask for a link from then on, but that's just me. I like to have facts to back up the things I say and believe, I guess not everyone believes facts matter when making a point...
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