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Here goes my hero

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Here goes my hero

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RE: Here goes my hero

dude i don't know if i have ever seen anyone cut at any moment the wy he does and as soon as he does return to full speed. unhuman. he is like mike vick on roids!
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RE: Here goes my hero

barry sanders
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with that video, let me just say this.........
we got, reggie bush.............
i'll repeat it, we got reggie bush..........
those 4 words rang out a lot louder than,
we got d-brick..............
i'll repeat it, we got d-brick..........
as to what we coulda, shoulda, woulda done....it's a done deal, for now.....
i'm still in disbelief myself, that we have reggie bush...........
while no deals were good enough to do, if we would have had the first choice in the draft, who would you have really taken at that spot?
come on, this is the best player in the draft...........
regardless of what happens, this is the most exciting player we've had in a long time, perhaps, in all times...........
i just don't see how that does'nt excite some people...................smitty
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OMFG... SICK... AMAZING. All I could think of was Barry Sanders but how many rings does he have?
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it excites the hell outta me... he is probably the most notable player we have gotten in a long time besides ricky williams... but he was just well u know...but bush is exciting, hes versitile, he is a mismatch waiting to happen, instant offense...
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The only thing that kept Barry from winning a Super Bowl was a competent quarterback.
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Hopefully he can cope with the 'situation' better than Ricky did. The last thing we need is this guy to start doing interviews with his helmet on. If Ricky would have has his head screwed on straight, he would have been a legend.

Even if Bush doesn't pan out, atleast we didn't throw away a draft or two like we did for Ricky.
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yeah barry was like that. oh god euph are you really trying to argue that point. good point. exactly. we should not have picke reggie bush because barry sanders never won a super bowl. there you go. oldies good point because he was there and every team would have done the same. you can't blame the texans. they will stink again
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you are right wheelman...and we ditched our incompetant QB!

I was questioning the selection, but it makes all the sense in the world and more. you don't pass on a guy like this. I thought people were overstating the whole Bowie-Jordan thing, but look at this dude....unreal.

This, combined with what it looks like Payton is doing for our team discipline-wise...I'm really looking forward to the season
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