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Mistakes all around

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; May 02, 2006 | 9:19AM | report this No football agent would ever admit this on the record, but wouldn't most players take less money to live in Houston over New Orleans? Think about it. Yes, the Texans haven't won ...

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Mistakes all around

May 02, 2006 | 9:19AM | report this

No football agent would ever admit this on the record, but wouldn't most players take less money to live in Houston over New Orleans? Think about it.

Yes, the Texans haven't won anything yet, but their organization is considered much sounder than the Saints, particularly from the ownership angle. Houston, from its stadium to its practice facility, is considered a first-class operation. Saints and first class ... well, that's a misnomer.

I mean what's the difference between earning $54 million over six years compared to earning $50 million over six years? We can all do the math, but what about the quality of life? Then there's home values and business opportunities and nightlife?

Reggie Bush is a walking endorsement and no one can deny that his off-the-field value wouldn't be greater in Houston, America's fourth largest city, compared to gritty New Orleans, a city desperately trying to recover from the worst national disaster in years. Even before Katrina, most Americans probably would choose to live in Houston over New Orleans. It's simply a fact of life.

Plenty of negotiating mistakes were made by Team Bush and the Texans in the pursuit of becoming the NFL's first overall draft choice. After dumping on local favorite, Texas quarterback Vince Young, the Texans' only rational approach was to tab Bush, whether he was signed or not. Houston owner Bob McNair didn't have to insist on his top pick being signed prior to being announced by Paul Tagliabue.

Neither the Texans nor Bush used much common sense in this matter.

A glorious opportunity was lost by both. The team and Bush's agents both made critical mistakes and misjudgments.

More Houston blunders

There is one thought circling the NFL that Texans coach Gary Kubiak's thinking is much like his mentor, Denver's Mike Shanahan. That Kubiak doesn't need a Clinton Portis or an Edgerrin James, basically a high-priced runner, to make his offense function at a high level and that's why Bush wasn't selected. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Just give me a Tatum Bell look-alike!

The other blunder is that Houston never tried to talk trade with New Orleans, Tennessee or even the Jets about any of them trading up to select Bush. This maneuver would have allowed Houston to collect some extra draft picks. Bush in the Big Apple would have been sexy, plus Curtis Martin turned 33 on Monday.

Had Houston done a trade, we're sure the Texans could have made sure that North Carolina State's Mario Williams was still available for them.

Playing hardball

Can you really blame the Tennessee Titans for not bending over backwards for Steve McNair and their old rivals, the Baltimore Ravens?

McNair has refused to rework his $9 million contract in order to play for the Titans this season. He wants out and has been demanding a trade to the Ravens.

The Titans are holding out for a fourth-round draft choice, which doesn't sound like very much for a NFL starting quarterback.

Consequently, the Titans plan on holding onto McNair simply to prevent him from joining the Ravens until July, when they will need his $24 million salary-cap allocation for this season to sign rookies like Vince Young. What the Titans are saying is that they'd rather sit on McNair and mess with the Ravens unless they get what they want.

Did Fisher get his man?

Speaking of the Titans, coach Jeff Fisher told his good friend Mike Shanahan that Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler really had no negatives about him. It almost sounds like Fisher's quarterback draft board read: 1. Matt Leinart, 2. Cutler and 3. Vince Young.


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Well, New Orleans ain't for everybody.

Best of luck, Texans. Go Saints!

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Where do these writers come from? They have more knowledge than the front office and owners. They can tell every owner how to spend his money and every agent how much to ask for...it's like they're the only ones doing any research. Sometimes the stars align perfectly for whatever reason and things just don't happen inaccordance with conventional wisdom. The Texans made a choice which was their perogative the last time I checked to choose Super Mario. It's their team and their money...more power to them...I have no criticism for them or their decision. I applaud the Saints for seizing the moment by drafting the only person in this year's draft that could possibly find himself in the Micahael Vick popularity range...again, more power to them for making that choice. I don't know about you guys but until I get enough money to purchase a team, I'm going to sit back watch the preceedings and see how things unfold...but one thing I won't do is pass judgment on owners, coaches, and GMs regarding their picks when I know they've spent countless hours researching what's best for their teams. We'll all see in a few months who made the right decisions and who didin't.
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Oh well Houston your loss is our gain. Let Houston worry about the pick not us.
As far as the off the field money Bush can earn, I do not agree. With everything that has happened, Bush looks to make more money here than any other place in the NFL, Problem is it is not guarrented. If the Saints finish with no less than an 8-8 / winnig record (which we see as little problem) he gets the nations crown as a savior of the the franchise. A half desent season is all it would take. 500 rushing, 600 recieving and KR average of 20 yards. A couple of high lite reel plays thrown in and the media attention is his. Then possible playoff apperance thrown in the NFL will be pushing the Saints and Bush as the feel good story of 2007.
A legend is born.
So if the team plays up to what we know we have as a team, he is set. Lets see what would happen when he and the saints get there next playoff win in the next 2 to 3 years. God help the boy if we make the NFC championship in 5. He will not know what to do with all the money.
If he wants it or not he could be one of the faces of the NFL for the next 10 to 15 years. It all rests on the team as a unit to perform.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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