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I'm Tired Of Michael Vick

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by LSUJeremy How many times has Vick just about single handedly beat us? Never....

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Merces Letifer
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Originally Posted by LSUJeremy
How many times has Vick just about single handedly beat us?

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I do not have any problems with Michael Vick. I think he may lack in some areas, but he is a difference maker.
I don't think anyone said he wasn't a difference maker. To say that would be Gridiron Ignorant. He makes all the difference in the world when he scrambles. He's almost impossible to contain. The question at hand is his ability to play the QB position. If he wore a shock collar that zapped him every time he tried to leave the pocket in order to teach him to be a pocket passer, he would barely be a 2nd stringer, IMO.

How many times has Vick just about single handedly beat us?
I seem to remember Warrick Dunn running over us like he was Jim Brown. Vick doesn't do it all by himself.

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Y'all know what I mean. There's been more than a couple times the last few years where we were winning in the last couple minutes only to watch him drive them down the field and beat us.

I'm not saying he's a good pocket QB at all, but he's a difference maker. We never seem able to stop him.
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Michael Vick couldn't hit a receiver deep if Stevie Wonder and Tom Benson was covering him.

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mike vick or LT...hmmmm
2-3 more years and it will be mike who
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Vick is the most overrated player in the NFL..IMO
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Vick is well past overrated....His making the probowl last year was a crime. And Ghandi is right...if Mora starts schaub instead, for what ever reason, then I'm really worried.

Vick did march his team against us a couple of times and props to the NFLs best throwing RB for it, but that was us! At the end of games Haz would put us in the "Oh S***! we have a lead and that can't be right Defense" and we'd lose. Harrington did it to us as well.

Sorry...I get tired of, every year where I'm at, having to explain how Vick is not the Christ, and that he isn't even a top QB....his biggest asset is the press he always gets. I mean, how many more times and how many more years is ESPN gonna run the "this year vick is determined to be a passer by studying really hard" story!?
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It seems that his avg. is 160 yards per game, I've seen a few games where he threw for 110 yards, can't win many games like like being they don't have a big running game.
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Grrrrrrrrr.....the pro bowl..... :08:
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even if our beloved black n gold only get back to 8-8 mediocrity I am digging on us having the NFL's new poster boy. Repitituos but damn if it doesn't seem like the football gods are smiling our way. It may have been so bad for so long BUT things can change. Pittsburgh has been one the best most consistent winning franchises since the 70's. I just glanced quickly and only counted THREE winning seasons from 1933 to 1969. A lot of losing and being the dregs of league there. Then, the right front office and just two terriffic coaches since 1969 and they become a league powerhouse. Just as it had to be so sweet for those first Superbowls so it will be here... whenever that is. I am not drunk on kool-aid but it sure feels good to think there is now at least the possibility for positive change, something I haven't sensed in a few years.
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