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Whats everyone's take on the LB situation??

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; For the past few years our LBs have been plain bad. They can't stop the run and they can't cover TEs and RBs out the backfield. God forbid I ever see a Sedrick Hodge trying to cover Randy Moss again. ...

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Whats everyone's take on the LB situation??

For the past few years our LBs have been plain bad. They can't stop the run and they can't cover TEs and RBs out the backfield. God forbid I ever see a Sedrick Hodge trying to cover Randy Moss again. I know it doesn't help in the run game when the DTs can't take on blockers and let the linebackers use their speed to make plays, but nonetheless this has been a weak point in the D. Bockwoldt is steadily progressing but Im not sure he can be the playmaker of the corps. Fincher played like a rookie last season looking sharp at sometimes and completely lost in others. Melton has never been anything more than just a special teams player. Fujita and Simmons have had good seasons in the past with KC and SEA, but havent been heard of much the past couple of years. I just wanted to hear everyone's take on the LB corps and whether or not this collection of guys can keep our front seven from being a detriment to the D.
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RE: Whats everyone

We definitely upgraded, but probably still 4th in the NFC South if you listed those teams LB corps.
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RE: Whats everyone

As far as Fuji and Simmons are concerned on the outside, I think it's the best we've had in years. It's probably better than we've had since the Dome Patrol days. I'm not saying they are anywhere near that level, but Fields didn't blow up until he got to Carolina. He was mediocre when he was a Saint. They both are veteran football players who know what it takes to win in this league. I think the position we have to worry about is MLB which is pretty obvious. Does Fincher deserve the starting role? What has he proved? Can Colby make that transition and beat out Fincher for that role? Can one of these two players step up and be the leader of our defense? Lots of questions heading into the season and I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Luckily, we have signed Polley who has proved he's more than serviceable. It's the deepest we've been in years and I think our major concern on defense right now is our corner situation. I still hope we make a move before the season starts at CB. No matter how nice our undrafted free agent class was at corner, we'd be fooling ourselves if we actually believe they're going to make big contribution to our secondary. Big name college players who were all undrafted... there's a reason why they were all passed on.
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RE: Whats everyone

I forgot about Tommy Polley. I follow FSU football pretty closely and loved the guy when he came out and expected him to be better than he has. But he had some good seasons with the Rams and he pushed 100 tackles last season with Baltimore. One plus side to Polley is that he is solid in dropping back into coverage from the Will LB spot. Id only say Fincher in the middle because I dont think Bockwoldt is strong enough to command the middle and he isnt the surest tackler out there. I think he is better when he's able to use his speed and go sideline to sideline. But he made some gains last season in the wait room from what I heard. Maybe he can continue bulking up.
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I think Fields was better with Carolina than here because we tried to make him a MLB, and he wasn't.

As far as our current LB corps, it's the best we've had in years. With good coaches to go with it. What's gonna kill us, is the lack of DTs to keep blockers off of them.
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It can't be worse than the last 4 seasons, but it's still not great. Better line play would make what we have look much better.
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What do i think about the LBs..... Can you say DOME PATROL !!!
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The preseason will tell the coaches who should start. I think the staff will play the players in a way that showsoff their best way of playing.
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We still have: Colby/ Fincher/ Foreman all at the LB position in backup roles

**not too bad if you ask me, this is the best we have looked in years at LB!!!

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FUJITA is the only long term contracted player. The rest are sitting on 1 year deals. So this is a one year test period. Anything is better than what we have had. At least we will keep one for next year, Polley or Simmons. All depends on how they play as a unit. I look for use to draft a LB high next year and be heavy into the FA maket for LB or DT. lets see what happens. We are better off that is for sure. who knows maybe the 34 option will surface again next year.
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