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Deuce's future with the Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Interesting wheelman... that's definately something that I wasn't aware of....

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Interesting wheelman... that's definately something that I wasn't aware of.
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Ratings Daily Lines News Wire Photo Wire Message Board NFL in español Updated: Aug. 2, 2006, 7:57 PM ET
McAllister pushes through pain to speed recoveryAssociated Press

JACKSON, Miss. -- Deuce McAllister was never one to avoid playing through pain.

"That's just somebody's opinion. ... Nobody's been there with me. Nobody's been in the training room and with the strength coaches when we had to put in that time or that work. You listen to it, and that's your motivation. ... My goal is to make the Pro Bowl and put this team in the playoffs. And if it's going to take 1,300, 1,400 or 1,500 yards, that's what I'm going to do."
Deuce McAllister on the doubters who say it takes two seasons to fully regain form after a torn ACL
Reconstructive knee surgery has done little to change that.

"Everybody's going to be sore. If you can go out there and practice, you should practice," McAllister said Wednesday after his seventh straight practice in 3½ days. "There's a difference between playing with pain and being injured."

When training camp opened last Friday, McAllister suggested that he may practice only once per day, even as the New Orleans Saints launched into double sessions.

Yet on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday -- as temperatures rose into the mid-90s and humidity left even the casual spectator a soaking mess -- the star running back appeared in two strength-sapping practices each day.

McAllister suggests that he is ahead of schedule -- not that recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament is ever easy.

After the operation last October, atrophy stole the muscle tone from McAllister's tree-trunk thighs and left his right leg looking like "a banana," in the running back's words. After months of strenuous rehabilitation, his 27-year-old legs once again resemble those of a power running back, but he continues to experience swelling and soreness in his right knee on a daily basis.

A black sleeve on the recovering knee and a periodic, subtle limp between drills are other lingering signs of the injury.

When his number is called, however, he makes sharp cuts and blasts into the line. On pass plays he holds firm while blocking against blitzing defenders. And he dismisses the doubters who say it takes two seasons to fully regain form after such an injury.

"That's just somebody's opinion. ... Nobody's been there with me. Nobody's been in the training room and with the strength coaches when we had to put in that time or that work," McAllister said. "You listen to it, and that's your motivation. ... My goal is to make the Pro Bowl and put this team in the playoffs. And if it's going to take 1,300, 1,400 or 1,500 yards, that's what I'm going to do."

There are only a few players in the NFL who inspire genuine awe among their teammates. McAllister developed into one of them from the 2002 through 2004 seasons, maintaining a productive, bruising running game even while hindered by a series of high ankle sprains.

The former Ole Miss standout became the Saints' all-time leading rusher, with 4,529 yards, before his knee injury in Week 5 last season, his fifth year in the NFL. His exit from the 2005 lineup coincided with the first loss in a seven-game skid that left the Saints at 2-9 and well out of playoff contention.

"With the knee injury he had, him rehabbing in the offseason has been spectacular. He's basically showed everybody he wants to be a starter," receiver Joe Horn said. "Him being lackadaisical wouldn't even be a subject" of discussion.

With the arrival of versatile running back Reggie Bush, McAllister is expected to get fewer carries. The last time McAllister shared the running back role with another standout -- Ricky Williams -- it lasted one season before the Saints decided to trade Williams to Miami and keep the younger McAllister.

McAllister suggested that he and Bush will fit better.

"We really complement each other as far as our playing styles and how we approach the game, McAllister said. "Me and Ricky had similar running styles so it just never really blossomed or never really worked while we were together. One thing about Reggie is he can line up in the slot or at receiver or obviously at tailback. He's definitely going to help us."

In the meantime, McAllister looks to maintain a leadership role that demands he set an example for toughness and hard work.

"The biggest thing is, when you can go out there and work, a lot of the guys see Deuce is coming off an injury and he's fighting through it," McAllister said. "You don't want anyone to fall into that trap of, 'My ankle is a little sore. My muscle is a little tight.' You've got to stretch it out and fight through it -- try to give everything you have to make your team successful. At the end of the day that's what it's going to be about. Were you productive? Were you counted on whether you were injured or not?"

On that note comming from Deuce, I mean how could u trade a guy like that. I think it is to early to start speculating on if it is time to trade him, he is still a dominant back and to me it will be just like in kansas city in that having two backs with two diffarent styles will be hard for dfences to stop us in the runnig game.

so back to the question at hand do u try and trade deuce for a 2nd. Hell No!!!!

Let the man retire as a Saint!!!!
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Originally Posted by jergensl
until he retires
8) WORD 8)
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Originally Posted by jergensl
until he retires
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He's right that they can co-exist just fine. Bush won't have to power run or do short yardage, and Deuce can save himself some carries and reduce the cutting down to the 1 cut type running in Denver. Ricky was contemplating retirement and was trying out for the Astros when we drafted Deuce so comparing the scenario to Deuce and Bush doesn't stick. Plus, Deuce said they ran the same. Atlanta is very successful with Dunn and Duckett and they co-exist just fine.
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When you have a guy like Deuce on your team, being he's never gotten into on or off the field trouble, you keep him. He's a total team guy from what i can see. Also he's got many years left in him barring injury of course, but that can be said about anyone. Just think about Stephen Davis for a minute. He hed a lot of years with the Redskins, then when they thought he was about done, he put out 3 good years with the Panthers, (maybe just 2, time is flyin by).
I don't think that in todays game you can afford to have just average runners in the game. Having two great backs on the team suits me just fine.
Also if we end up in the playoffs consistently and go to the superbowl, all the payroll will have been worth it.
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Though Dunn and Duckett co-exist in Atlanta, the difference in pay is huge which is why they can keep both. Deuce and Grant are my favorite players on the team so I'd definately love to watch both retire a Saint. But, is it best for the team in the long run? Can anyone name another team in the league that carries two backs with such a high cap charge?

Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson maybe, but Jones isn't exactly making Bush/Deuce type money. It's probably a luxury we can afford, but it's a luxury. What if Stinch and Brown falter at the tackles? Tackles are expensive. What if Fred Thomas or Mike slow down a couple of steps? Corners are expensive. What do we do at linebacker... a lot of people here have complained about us not making a big acquistion. They're also expensive. Something to think about.
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Expensive is relative to how much cap room you have. We have the cap room, and have created space to gain more. Plus, Loomis is a cap genius. PLUS, as I said in the beginning, and ha sbeen expanded upon, the cap room will only keep growing. That's why no one was worried about June 1st cuts of veteran players, and why the Redskins didn't have to cut like 25 guys. The cap room is there, luxury or not. It's best we take advantage of it. Deuce is a Saint, and it should always be that way. Also, Reggie's contract is 6 years. Deuce has what, 5 left on his? That takes him to 31. At 30, he will prob get another deal, not quite as expensive as the last one. We'll be fine if we keep him. Pitt had Bettis and Parker, and Deuce and Bush are better than both of those guys respectively. Keep the man.
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would love to see the two ride off into sunset together but age difference keeps that from happening. I will hold out for 2 years baring injury. who would replace duce? till that question is answered he stays. each year the contract will be easier to take as long as the the cap keeps spiraling up and out of this world. we need to address to many positions on the team to take a step backwards at the RB position before those 2 years. Bush dropping into or laps put the RB into solid shape. alot is riding on duces knee. if he can stay solid, three years form now we could have one of the best foundations in the NFL. this year the WR,S,QB,TE and RB have all been a great upgrade so far this year. lets see what positions get glutted next year.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Good points given by all. Debate and discourse is always a good thing.
However, I will just sit back for now and enjoy the possibilities ahead for our team.
0-16? 16-0? More likely somewhere between the two.
The future is just that. The Future.
I am enjoying the present like never before. The possibilities are before us like no time in recent memory.
Who knows what will transpire?
Not I for sure.
Will Deuce stay?
Shoud he?
Can we sustain two backs with those salaries?
Don't ask me.
That is what Mickey is paid to answer.
But, Boy am I excited to see.
Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints?
I can't wait to find out.
What a ride it will be!

I'm no one.
Who are you?
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