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Anyone else watching this crap

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm thinkin' Tom Jackson is gonna stomp a mud hole in Michael Irvin's arse before the season is over. Right there on national television. 8)...

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I'm thinkin' Tom Jackson is gonna stomp a mud hole in Michael Irvin's arse before the season is over. Right there on national television.

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PFT add on-

After Cincinnati receiver Reggie McNeal caught a touchdown pass from Doug Johnson, a discussion ensued regarding college quarterbacks who become wideouts at the next level.

Here is, verbatim, the key portion of the conversation regarding the requirements for a successful conversion. (Thank you, TiVo.)

Sunshine: I think you need a guy who's short, vertically challenged, maybe five-foot-nine, five-foot-ten with a lot of 'quicks' that can double as a kick returner. Those are the guys that can transition into professional football. To come in and just try and play the wide receiver position --

Kornholer (incredulous): He has to be short?

Sunshine: Well --

Kornholer: This is a prerequisite, to be short?

Sunshine: I think you need to be short and quick. I think that gives you an opportunity --

Kornholer: What if you were big and quick?

Sunshine: You don't have the 'quicks' when you're that tall.

Kornholer: Correct me if I'm wrong because you watch a lot more college football than I did [Editor's note: Tony, you'd make a great lawyer], wasn't there a quarterback recently from Arkansas who was the quarterback who then became a wide receiver in the NFL?

Tirico: Matt Jones.

Kornholer: Matt Jones, right? And he's big. Big and quick.

Sunshine: But not at the kick returning position.

Kornholer: (Makes barely audible noise connoting "Is this guy f--king serious?")

Sunshine: No.

Tirico (wisely changing the subject): It's 48 to 17. . . .

Tony, you've found your niche. It's to call out Joey Sunshine wherever and whenever he says something stupid. That's your calling. Your destiny. Through your weekly badgering of Theismann, he'll eventually be exposed for the fraud that he is, or he'll quietly resign and find a fifth-tier gig on CBS where the play-by-play man doesn't have the brains or the will to thoroughly and completely dismantle his stupid-ass assertions
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I liked the PFT take on Theisman....I like Tony K more than Theisman, not saying he's great but he has a wittiness about him i like and he is not afraid to ask the tough questions...did you see the Jerry Jones interview last monday...

fire Theisman....I'd rather listen to a drunken Joe Namath hit on the interns in the booth...Next week I think they should bring in LT as an interviewee..."HEy Joe...Hey uuhh whats your name?....SNAP CRACK...AAHHH my leg!....I was set up like a mutha"
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