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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Keeping hope for a Superbowl victory. Unfortunately, this team looks like it has 5-11 written all over it. I think the Saints have the starters to compete and win games, when the nagging injuries start to hit things could get ...

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Keeping hope for a Superbowl victory. Unfortunately, this team looks like it has 5-11 written all over it. I think the Saints have the starters to compete and win games, when the nagging injuries start to hit things could get ugly in a hurry.

Pro Bowl: Reggie Bush due to his versatility, maybe Will Smith.
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I like the direction this team is heading in and I think we will be fun to watch, but our schedule is brutal... 5-11, hopefully I'm wrong though. Reggie will be ROY!
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I'm going to say 6-10... while I'm hoping for a 9-7.

I'm going to predict the first couple of games also...

Cleveland > Saints 17-13
GreenBay > Saints 27-17
Then we beat both Atlanta and Carolina. After that we go on a monster losing streak and finish the season out strong by winning the last 4 in a row giving us hope that 2007 will be a great year.
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for the 3rd time, on the 3rd different thread.......................
if brees stays healthy, we go to the playoffs.............PERIOD................
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sadly 6-10 if we get a few bounces
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I think that this team, though so many new faces, will gel and respond quicker because there is so much more talent on both sides of the ball this year compared to last. While there was concern about the linebacking corps and the o-line, the linebacking corps has dramatically improved over last year and the D wasn't all that bad to begin with. The offense now has so many threats that if the o-line remains healthy and somewhat effective, the squad will surely add at least 10 points to their 14.7 average from last season.

The improved D and the higher scoring O will combine to yield 10 wins. Now, for those thinking that the schedule is a killer, almost all of the teams we face have at least as hard a schedule and will probably flame out, especially the NFC East. Only Carolina truly worries, as the rest have as many issues as the Saints. I think that many teams will look past the Saints until it is late in the season, and by then, we face a depleted NFC East that will think they're getting a break but will be hanging on for dear life.

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Schedule is brutal! NFC SOUTH is a nice this year...8-8 at worst.....climb the ladder every year. 1989 cowgirls were 1-15 and won 3 titles a few years later...keep putting the pieces together Payton...
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Adding my annual full season forecast...

Cleveland- Back and forth see saw battle. Deuce and Bush both gain 70+ yds., Reggie 4 catches for 65yds to. Brees has an efficent if non dazzling numbers game. Run defense shows up to play and shuts down Droughns. A few long pass plays and defensive penalties burn though. Biggest headline is 7th Rd pick Colston outshines Bush, 6 catches for104 yds, and a TD. NO 24-17, 1-0

Green Bay- Looks like players have revenge on their minds, the ones who were at the 3-52 game anyway- Horn has 9 receptions, 134yds, 2TDs. McKenzie 2 picks, 1 TD. Deuce big on the ground, 100+yds, Reggie in the air again, 5 catches 77yds. NO 34-10, 2-0

ATLANTA- The Dome is rocking. On first series Bush breaks a 61 yd run for his first TD. Later he adds a 55yd punt return. Brees looks All-Pro, 21 of 30, 2 TD, 0 INT, 308yds- spread around to 7 different receivers. Bush outgains Deuce for the first time 91 to 81 yds. Never as close as score looks, NO 27-20, 3-0

Carolina- Saints on the cover of SI. Carolina wants nothing to do with feel goods. They revenge last seasons home loss. Saints play error free but are dominated in every facet of the game. Hard to watch, Carolina 38-10, 3-1

TAMPA BAY- A slugfest, lead changes 7 times. Neither team can stop the other. Cadillac ends a 8 minute, 88 yd drive, with a TD plunge with 44 seconds left. Bucs on top, TB 35-31, 3-2

PHILADELPHIA- Hard fought game against 5-0 Eagles. Deuce has to sit with injury. Bush responds with first 100 game and 2 TDs. Brees has a bad day throwing INTs #2 and 3. Carney misses 3 FGs and fans boo. Stallworth 5 catches for 100+ yds, fans cheer. Birds just too much, Philly 24-14, 3-3

BYE- Saints release Carney and pick up new kicker

BALTIMORE- The week off seemed to do wonders. Defense scores once on a fumble return and on one interception. They pick off one more and force 2 other fumbles. Bush has highlight reel game as Deuce sits out. 19 carries, 155yds, 1TD, 4 rec, 46 yds, 2 punt ret for 51 yds. Brees takes NFL lead in completion % but with low yardage total. Saints 28-14, 4-3

Tampa Bay- Back and forth like first meeting but more of a defensive battle. Deuce gets back just in time since Gruden seemed to have schemed "Stop Bush" if nothing else. Tied at the half 7-7. Bucs exploit NO secondary terribly in second half and pull away. Bucs 24-13, 4-4

Pittsburgh- Steelers having a rough time with .500 record like Saints. You would never guess from this game. Reminicent of Haslett teams penalties are at a season high. Bush and Deuce both do well but run game is abandoned as score gets out of hand. Highlight is Devery Henderson making a spectacular 80yd TD on a swing pass in the flat. Final Pitt 31-16, 4-5

CINCINNATI- Offense fires on all cylinders. Brees continues great season still leading league in % Comp, has 11 TDs, 4 INTs total. Game is a first with Bush and Deuce both gaining over 100 yds. Injuries at CB during this game leaves two rookies at corner. Saints shutdown Rudi Johnson but Chad Johnson has career type game. Palmer looks all world. Outgunned, BENGALS 35-21, 4-6

Atlanta- A Saints visit to dreadful 3-7 dirty Birds is just what the doctor ordered. Even better than first game NO controls every facet. Brees only throws 18 passes and completes 13. Bush is now talked as ROY after 4th 100 yd game. If not for 5 FGs this would have been a greater rout. Vick is benched in 4th qtr after 3rd INT. Final NO 29-14, 5-6

SAN FRANCISCO- Offense again looks top notch. Deuce back to full speed with best game of the year, 133yds and with 5 catches. Bush has most catches in a game thusfar, 7 for 88yds. Poor Niners surprise and turn it into a shootout. 6 catches for a TD by both Antonio Bryant and Vernon Davis. Alex Smith has best day as a pro connecting on two long bombs in the final 4 minutes of play to upset. SF 28-24, 5-7

Dallas- In a battle of pupil against teacher both seem to lock wits. No fumbles or interceptions by either team and no TD until late in the 3rd quarter as defenses control. Stat wise both teams look good. First game NO cannot get into endzone though. Blocked field goal return for touchdown seals win for Dallas. Boys 20-15, 5-8

WASHINGTON- Skins come into dome struggling to stay in wildcard race. Similar to previous week it evolves into defensive game. Saints shutdown run. Washington's poor passing game cannot do much against porous NO pass D. Bush and Brees both have worst days as Saints. Neither team looks like they want to take the win. Redskins take 23-16 lead with 3 min. left. Saints march 58 yds. On fourth and 7 at the 15 Brees is sacked. Gameover, WASH 23-16, 5-9

New York Giants- Three feet of snow fell the night before. On this Christmas Eve game it continues to fall. Neither team can complete a pass it seems. Deuce grinds it forward and Bush surprises with several tough runs right up the gut for good gains. Both teams miss 2 FGs in the poor conditions. No one scores after the 3rd quarter as the snow piles up. Saints run D is key causing two lost fumbles. When it is over Saints surprise, NO 14-10, 6-9

CAROLINA- The house is rocking for this New Year's Eve game. The Panthers have already secured a first round bye and rest many starters after a series or two. Saints take advantage and run score up to 28-14 late in the 4th qtr on a "Bush-like" 44 yd rumble by Jamal Branch. On ensuing kickoff Saints allow first punt or kick return TD of the season. After posession exchanges Panthers back-ups roll 84 yds down the field. Keary Colbert punctuates it with a 19 yd TD catch with 20 seconds left. DeAngelo Williams makes an acrobatic catch at the goal line to score on the 2 point conversion. The play is disputed and replay time is pushed beyond limitations. The play stands and the Saints lose a heartbreaker. Final 29-28, 6-10

Some exciting highlights between the three 3 game losing streaks. No doubt about the offense. Special teams had cracks but improving. Run D was the best in many years. The pass defense though makes a high profile free agent or high draft pick (#9 in 2007) CB acquisition a must before the next season. Payton legitimitizes his youth overhaul as team gels throughout year besides the W-L count. Reggie does win ROY in a surprisingly close vote over Tavaris Jackson who successfully took over QB in Minny when Brad Johnson was injured. PS, Mario Williams finishes with 4 sacks.
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Why not?

The Saints will go 10-6. I believe it can happen because it happened before with Haslett's first deason here. We were only supposed to suck that year. We actually got it backwards and sucked every year since! I think The first half of the season we will lose more games than we win, then suddenly dominate the league in the second half of the season. A great sign would be 4-4 at mid-season.
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You rock! where do you find the time? I am really impressed. Not saying I envision the same outcomes and forecast, but still! I usually get a few paragraphs and then my wife shows up and distracts me, ruining my train of thought.
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