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New Saints; the difference

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Could you imagine the dome after 2 straight wins........Hotlanta should be SKEERED...

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RE: Re: RE: New Saints; the difference

Could you imagine the dome after 2 straight wins........Hotlanta should be SKEERED
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RE: Re: RE: New Saints; the difference

If the Saints go 2-0, The Falcons will be coming into the Dome that will be a more hostile invironment than an Iraqi warzone.
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RE: Re: RE: New Saints; the difference

I C A N T W A I T!!!
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Ok...glass half empty thoughts...this was Cleveland..they have more holes than we do. Their best receiver has been out for two years, and their quarterback...well...who is he. And they have no run game, and a shaky O-line. We were not playing a top team by any nature.

Now...Glass half full.......geez, this team really looked good. They played with some fire, Payton coached with some fire, and the defense,...PRAISE GOD VENTURI IS GONE!!!!!!! Bush is more than the real deal, Deuce is back to being loose (just don't lose the football buddy), and Colston looks like he may allow us to forget Stallworth.

I too am excited about the first home game. There is no doubt that if we play hard, and pressure Favre next week, we can be 2-0 going into the game with the Falcons. It is by far a great start to a season.

Respect my authori-tie
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Of course the D was a big difference. You all have said enough about Bush and Duece. The O-line was alot better than i was expecting. I may be wrong but i don't remember any penalties on the o-line except for the offsides on Conwell. Overall the team was alot more disciplined, for example the way Payton got all over that player with the 15yd facemask call on the punt return!
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I hope Aaron does well.
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Im not impressed by the smart play of new quarterback.
Im not impressed with the freak show that is Bush
Im not impressed with the play calling from Payton
Im not impressed the soild play by our Rookie WideOut
Nor am Im impressed by the offensive line playing like a unit.
Im not impressed by a def that actually played Def and played it very well.

The one thing I think many of you are overlooking is this......this was a team the saints had more talent than and were supposed to beat, and guess what...the team went in and took care of business. Have we forgot the year we went 8-0 yet still didnt make the playoffs. Why? Because we didnt beat the teams we were supposed to.

But hell who am I kidding.....I am impressed with the whole lot of them.....for this week anyway.

You say that were nuts for pulling for them, you call them sorry, you wonder why we deal with them year after year. Well New Orleans is like no other city in the world, and no fans are anything like saint fans.
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......this was a team the saints had more talent than and were supposed to beat,
we were not favored
Hollis Thomas and Fujita were the main differnce i saw
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