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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ok, I know Roman's a rookie playing his first game, Bullocks sucked at first too, but save for the sack, Harper looked lost out there yesterday. He hurt us bad and now O-Coordinators will be licking there chops trying to ...

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I know Roman's a rookie playing his first game, Bullocks sucked at first too, but save for the sack, Harper looked lost out there yesterday. He hurt us bad and now O-Coordinators will be licking there chops trying to single him out. He played BAAAAD! Real bad. He didn't even do the fundemental run with the guy and try and defend the pass. He jsut mauled Winslow and did it VERY obviously. I think we played very well yesterday, but Harper STUNK. I know he'll be great eventually, but maybe we should play Stoutmire or something.
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RE: Harper?????

Give the kid a break and Winslow so credit first. How quick we forget how good he was before he was injuried. he had more hype than Veron Davis did. Alot of Safties around the NFL will have to mug him.
Roman is young and I like the fact he got to play and learn. Growing pains. Peyton will pull him before he will lose a game for us. That is why we have so many seasoned vets. step right in. But I will say Winslow is a beast and is out to prove something this year besides he knows how to fall of a bike.
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RE: Harper?????

i agree. Harper wasn't playing against Dallas Clark or Marcus Pollard, he was playing Winslow! From what i saw Winslow is an animal. He's too fast for a linebacker to guard and to big for a safety. Harper will get better!
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RE: Harper?????

I agree. Winslow has the upper hand on just about any safety in the league, so let's not gather the lynch mob on Roman Harper just yet.
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JC, the kid acknowledged that fact the game will be fast and he will have to adjust. He admitted that he will make mistakes and will have to learn from them...why don't some of you give him just a bit time....he is no worse than Craft

I realize some would like for him to be an ALL PRO the first week, but how unrealistic is that? MUCHO.
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Didn't like the pick when they made it, and still don't. Winslow owned this kid. Winslow has done jack squat in the pros. Just cause he dominated in college doesn't make him one of the better TEs in the league. He broke tackles from Harper, drew two flags on him, and generally abused him. I am 100% with you DJ. If he ain't ready, don't play him. If he is playing, they musta felt he was ready. Week one, he got owned.
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too early to tell. kid looks like he had some football smarts to him. we'll see if he can put it together. i was almost as loud as whodi was about where we selected him, and my disgust.

that being said, i thought he did fairly well against winslow, considering he was wayyyyy overmatched physically. i don't care what you say, i can only see a select handful of safeties that could play winslow with success, and they're all pro-bowl selections. not really concerned what winslow has done in this league, we all know what type of athlete he is. one thing that harper did do, was get in his grill, despite being overmatched, repeatedly, and tried to be physical. to the point that winslow was frustrated at times.

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First off, he shutdown Winslow in the entire 1st half and sme of the 2nd

2nd, he's a rookie

3rd, he didn't look horrible, he made plays the whole game, we would've lost if he wouldn't have deflected a TD pass to Winslow...He just got beat a few times at the end when Cle was running a hurry-up O and he didn't get to it fast enough

4th, Winslow is a very good player, and Harper did a good azz job on this kid who has size and speed at the TE pos

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Harper is a rookie and played damn good.
Wait until he play for some time and then
less see what will be said about him!!!

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Were ya'll watching the same game? Winslow drew two CONSECUTIVE flags on this dude, they just didn't accept one cause Frye ran it in. Winslow was also trucking him to the ground. The was Marcus McNeil is manhandling for San Diego right now at LT, I would have much rather we had taken him, or several other guys. Dwight Smith woulda covered Winslow. I don't wanna hear no "he's a rookie" foolishness. He's starting. If he ain't ready, DON'T PLAY HIM. If he's playing, they feel he's ready and he got abused. BTW, Winslow's 3 games played in 3 years, including yesterday, means he has done jack squat in the NFL. So how does anyone know what kinda beast he is in the NFL? How many times has college star equaled pro flop? Not saying Winslow is, but he has done NOTHING. Let's get real. He owned Harper.
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