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Just curious, why is it so important

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^^^^^Well Said^^^^^^
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I never really cared what the media wrote or said about us. As long as we produce on the field, or even field a respectable team out there, we'll get our props in due time. Whether is positive or negative, at least they're writing about us period... which is a good thing. It's better than being lost and forgotten.
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Didn't the Steelers pretty much thrive on the bad publicity they got late last year, sneaking into the playoffs, Knee-blow Von Oelhoffen, etc? I seem to recall them winning the Superbowl based primarily on the 'no respect' philosophy. New England used that during their Superbowl runs too. Might be something about channelling the negative energy into a winning attitude, and Coach Payton definitely looks like he can get the team to do that. In which case I say, call us the Aints all you want! I'd rather be disrespected and overachieving than be a team like Indy where they absolutely have to win the Superbowl or the entire season is considered a wash.
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Good answers guys. I was just wondering though, cause it seems like people wanna dump all over anyone who writes anything negative. Now there are some writers who no one should listen to outside of being for entertainment, but even if respected writers say something negative, it shouldn't bother us. Like I said before, NO ONE can know this team like we do, and feel and see the differences. And that whole no respect thing was alright for a minute, but we need to, IMO, move beyond that. We're getting about the respect we deserve from where we were coming from. Now, if after this upcoming stretch we have a winning record, and some columnists are still predicting our demise, I might get a little peeved too. But it's still early, very early, and we still have a long road ahead. Don't let 'em get to you yet. We will be underdogs in every game we have until we play San Fran. Just get ready for that, and hope our boys keep punching 'em in the mouth.
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Re: Just curious, why is it so important

Originally Posted by saintswhodi
to so many fans that the national media write good stuff about us? And why do people get so effected when they write negative things? Who cares? Let them write whatever the hell they want,
The reason is that we would like to see more Saints coverage at the national level. Every three seconds they are talking about the same set of teams: Pittsburg, Seattle, Chicago, Philly, New England, Indy, Carolina, Dallas.

It's based on three criteria:

1) Star power
2) Reputation
3) Somewhat consistent winning

Dallas hasn't been in the playoffs since 2003 but yet gets a lot of pub.

I think a lot of us fans are annoyed by the fact that it takes months for the media to catch on to hot teams. Anyone who is 4-1 or better right now should be getting a lot of discussion. That includes us, St. Louis, Denver, and the like.

But it doesn't work like that.

the only people who truly understand the monumental changes this team has gone through is US, lifelong Saints fans. Since the beginning of the year, it's been "so and so said this" and "why are they saying that?" I am just curious as to why anyone cares? Is it really that important to that many people that ESPN kisses our arse? Or any other national sports news outlet? Why?
As a Saints fan I want to see more about our team. And while I understand you can't spend a lot of national media time talking about a 0-5 Lions team,, the Saints at 4-1 are a total surprise.


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