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Thomas suspended

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; FYI, a link to a story about Jerome Bettis and asthma ... http://www.usatoday.com/sports/footb...s-asthma_x.htm...

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FYI, a link to a story about Jerome Bettis and asthma ...

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Saints fans aren't the only ones who are mad. Everyone I've talked to on any forum thinks this is ridiculous.

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A hate'n move by the NFL

This will be hard on the young high school kids wanting to go pro that are taking asthma medication. This may have to be looked at in full detail by the league. Thomas was taking two types of asthma med - DAMN
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I think Coach Payton, and Coach Gibbs should implament more blitzes from the LB position to make up pressure that they're surely going to miss with Thomas suspension. Man, he was our space eater in the middle, our key run stuffer, i don't know how their going to make that up, but i do know one thing, the defense is going to have to step up to a man. If they play anywhere near last week performance they're be alright
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Ok, new member here. Joined just so I could respond as well and tell you what I have done. I echo what others have said and felt completely. On that note, instead of emailing the NFL, I emailed virtually every asthma website their is and asked them if they knew of the situation, I cut/pasted the espn article in my email, and asked them if they will protest the NFL over it and what sorta message it sends. Figure if any or many of them respond publicly, maybe NFL will not want to look bad and do something.
On football note, if Hollis is out, I assume Lake would start and they'd sign another big body to roster. any thoughts or news?
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How can they suspend him, if they knew he was using it? And I think that they go overboard with this stuff. The small amount that is in these things that the players are using, is not enough to give someone an advantage. I think they would have to take alot of steroids, for it to effect them.
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I will post this again

Saints | H. Thomas suspended for four games
Tue, 5 Dec 2006 12:30:47 -0800

Jay Glazer, of FOXSports.com, reports New Orleans Saints DT Hollis Thomas has been suspended four games for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and supplements. It is believed Thomas did not test positive for a steroid, but rather for a supplement that was used for weight loss or energy. http://www.kffl.com/hotw/nfl

before we go half uncocked here. which is it? If it was a supplement he should sue the company because that product info would have been given to the trainers and checked out to see if it was in line whith the NFL rules for acceptable drug abuse.

Has any one tried this stuff. I have. you would have to consume a whole container to get anything out of it that would help you on the field. Even then you would be carring an extra ng around an 20 pounds in your gut. first hit and . It does you no good
Like I said which is it?
Either way this Hollier than God attitude by the NFL is way out of hand.
Why not ban pain killers next. They give an injuried player unfair advantage on the field too.
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NFL suspends Saints DT Thomas

NFL.com wire reports

NEW ORLEANS (Dec. 5, 2006) -- Saints defensive tackle Hollis Thomas was suspended for the final four games of the regular season for violating the league's steroid policy.

Thomas, backed by the team, appealed the suspension, which he said was caused by using asthma medication. He uses an inhaler daily and it apparently contained a banned steroid.

Thomas signed this year with New Orleans after playing nine seasons with the Eagles; he missed the 2002 season in Philadelphia with a broken right foot. He's had 43 tackles and four sacks for the Saints and has been an integral part of their 8-4 record, which leads the NFC South.

If New Orleans makes the playoffs, Thomas would be eligible to play. He can be added to the active roster on Jan. 1, 2007, the day after the regular season ends.

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I'm curious why so many here go rabid with knee-jerk reaction without knowing all the facts. Those of you foaming at the mouth may very well end up being correct. But to do it with so little information is fascinating to me.


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Complete & utter bulls**t!!!!!!!
This is just the No Fair League's way of helping "the boys" out this Sunday. Even Shawne Merriman (who tested positive for Winstrol-a human growth steroid) was allowed to play until his appeal was dropped. Jerome Bettis (who took many of the same Asthma medications) was never suspended for bulls**t like this. I hate to wish pain or injury on anyone, but I'm so pissed about this that I hope Charles Grant breaks the NFL & Dallas's new demi-God's (Tony Romo) freakin' neck!!!!!!!!!!!
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