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Reggie is the key to beating Dallas

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Parcells set up the Dallas D as a 3-4 which means bigger LBs closer to DE size. They obviously are set to slow down a player like Deuce, but the key to our O putting up big points will be ...

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Reggie is the key to beating Dallas

Parcells set up the Dallas D as a 3-4 which means bigger LBs closer to DE size. They obviously are set to slow down a player like Deuce, but the key to our O putting up big points will be singling out Reggie on these big LBs.

We start pounding Deuce and dinking and dunking on the LBs and then the deep passes will be wide open. Plus, Reggie can always put a jook on one of these big LBs and see ya later. Reggie may not score 4 TDs this week, but he will make it a lot easier for everyone else to rack up points.

The Dallas LBs size is going to work against them this week.
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Agree, with your assessment about the LB's so lets get Reggie down field more with some slow LB trying to cover him.
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in all the past games i 've never worried about brees getting pressure.
this one , i am....
dallas has a swarming defense and we'll see early on if the offensive line can give brees some time or he has to hurry early....
i know we'll adjust however dallas comes at us but i am worried about brees being blind sided.........if we can go up early, (before dallas) bill may just wanna play it safe and see who makes the first mistake..
this is a defense you really want to be up for..........
if they make the first mistake and brees burns em, it could be a longggggg day for them.
however, if they hurry or sack and force us 3 and out , it could be the other way around........
let's hope we pick up the blitzes and keep dallas honest....smitty
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I think Reggie IS key. I hope his threat on the outside is going to open the middle for Deuce.

But I'm really hoping Colston will be back in. I expect Dallas to blitz us like we've not seen this year. We need Colston's hands and Brees' quick release to beat the blitz. I think if we don't have someone for Drew to get the ball off to quick, we're in trouble.
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Supposedly, they're going to put Terrence Newman on Reggie when he's split out wide. He's their best corner by a wide margin. If Colston is playing (or Henderson is back to playing like a man possessed like he was until last Sunday), Brees should be able to exploit it.

And if Will Smith is back...oh, man. I just hope Leisle steps up, but I'm pretty sure he will.
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I honestly think Colston could've played last week against the 49ers but Sean held him out to give that ankle some extra rest and to insure that he would be ready to play against Dallas. I think the "gametime decision" thing is just a ploy by Sean to keep Parcels guessing. GEAUX SAINTS!!
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