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JOESAM2002 06-12-2003 01:24 AM

Why? Why would I care what some guy says on some other site? And why in hell would I want to jump some poor guy that doesn\'t know any better? Gator it\'s not often I disagree with you but my first thought was to cut this post completely.

If some of you guys want to \"bum rush\" some other site please feel free to go on. I joined this site because I thought this was a site where Saints fans could get together and talk some Saints football. Don\'t bring that crap here.

Is there some reason we can\'t enjoy this site without cutting people down or ragging on their site?

This one doesn\'t make me a happy camper!

ssmitty 06-12-2003 04:11 AM

if i can\'t speak my mind on any board, what\'s the use of having one? trash talking is a form of entertainment to me, that\'s all......once you start censorship it becomes a dictatorship and here in the u.s. they usually rebel......personally i like to hit the trash talkers where it hurts the most, in their games in the past, especially dirty bird ones, i\'m the fan you\'ll see sitting next to the falcon fans betting beers on the saints and getting drunk and having a good time......most fans are good people you know. there will always be the jerks, it\'s what makes the world go around. go back on any post on this thread and you\'ll see the most responses are the ones that rattle us to give our view. free speech...........i\'m all for opinion for what\'s it worth.....smitty

BlackandBlue 06-12-2003 06:54 AM

[/quote:354567da9c]I thought it would be cool if about 10 or 15 daily posters bum rushed their site and took it over. Ya know with all of us taking shots at them the 3 to 4 guys online posting won\'t know what hit\'em.[/quote:354567da9c]

Set a date and time, date and time :D

Joe, if done properly, it is pretty amusing to see one guy catch hell from several other posters, only to see the calvary show up out of nowhere and throw-down the knowledge. But, yeah, I don\'t want them on my boards :p Let them continue to think that revolution place is the legit boards- they\'ll never see us coming.

Cassady37 06-12-2003 07:24 AM

I think I\'m going to have to agree with JoeSam on this one. When you go to other boards to start bashing you are inviting their fans, legit or not, to come to yours. And pretty soon you will have another Saints site, like another one we all know, that are full of posters who have the I.Q. of a piece of toast. They will start filling your forums with hundreds of posts about anything but football and soon the Moderators are overwhelmed with the unpleasant task of trying to keep these rocket scientists from running off your older legit members.

rusta 06-12-2003 07:29 AM

damn, i figured most of the people here were bored at work and as a result posted here

i keep coming back because i bleed black and gold but i\'m not that bored

i can see gator and joe\'s point, while i think it would be funny to see the result on their board i wouldn\'t want to come here and wade through a bunch of flamers

wasn\'t everyone calling for leftdeppard or whatever his name was to be kicked out? i know you guys aren\'t going over there with lame stuff like that right? represent with knowledge if you\'re going to do it

like i said i\'m not that bored, have fun :P

SFinAustin 06-12-2003 08:13 AM

Thanks Gatorman! I love when people rag on my \"lame\" ass site! First of all, BucNup only wanted to encourage dialogue between NFC South fan sites. How about you IM me if you have a problem with my site and we can discuss it like men! You just sound like an idiot, ranting and raving about something you probably know nothing about!

Furthermore, I didn\'t realize we had a \"main\" website, outside of the official one. I\'m sure he know\'s that there\'s more than one. And for 3 months, I think my MB is doing pretty good.

Do you have nothing better to do or are you just a moron who likes to piss people off. If you want to play, I have nothing but time!

[Edited on 12/6/2003 by SFinAustin]

[Edited on 12/6/2003 by SFinAustin]

BucNup 06-12-2003 08:47 AM


they were partially attacking yet welcoming the most obnoxious jerk called Bucnup. He was a Bucs fan talking trash trying to provoke the Falcons fans to come over to his site, We went to his board and left him a message.
Obnoxious jerk??? If you took the time to view my message, prior to spewing your slanted opinion, you would see that I was trying to establish a dialouge for future conversations...

But then again, I guess from your comments, you are just \"trashing talking\", based on your nice guys, come visit us approach at my spot?


Dude thats not the site you really want to call a rival board. Thats a basement geek\'s weekly project site. I\'ve read Bucnup\'s threads at If you want to talk trash I\'ll tell you where to find Saints fans that would be happy go at it with you.

Go to Black&!!!

You might even take that crappy link to Saints Revolution off your site and replace it with this site.

You\'ll find way more thread and members at this site always ready to talk football and trade smack.
You are a classic act already! Or is that CLASSLESS act?

BillyCarpenter1 06-12-2003 09:50 AM


You have angered the villagers.

BillyCarpenter1 06-12-2003 09:57 AM


I welcome you. We spanked the Buc\'s twice last year and we\'ll be gald to do the same to you.

BlackandBlue 06-12-2003 09:58 AM

Billy is really into spankings :o

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