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Joe Horn could be done as a Saint

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Something had been nagging at me for the past few games and that is why Joe has not been in uniform. I know this is a buisness but I think we owe it to Joe to pay him what we ...

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Something had been nagging at me for the past few games and that is why Joe has not been in uniform. I know this is a buisness but I think we owe it to Joe to pay him what we promised... to honor the contract. He stood up for this team and the community when no one cared... we was a warrior for us and battled for the Le Fluer even when the chips were down.

The only problem I have is that he costs us a roster spot.
I'm sorry, but the only thing I ever heard coming out of Horn's mouth last year was about how good the fan's in Texas had been, and how the NFL was a business and that Mr. Benson has to do what's right for his team.

Im not a Horn fan, havent been a fan since that crap with ROAF went down, he has been a bright spot in games for the saints, but he has been a dagger in the locker room at times also since he has been here. He is no T.O. but he is no SAINT either.

*No jokes on the saint comment please : ) *

I really believe in my heart the two most important spots on a football team are the QB, then RB, after that its on the OL and DL to make things happen. The Saints finally have a QB that is about winning, Payton, Loomis, and the SAINTS knew what Bree's was about when they signed him to that huge contract, but guess what....that was money damn well spent.

Anyone notice that Brees much like Brady gets the ball to whoever is open. Branch leaves the Pats and New England still makes the AFC championship, HORN is out a good part of the season and yet Henderson, Cooper, Colston, Karney, Bush, and a few plays from our TE's get the yards and the catches when we need them.
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If Joe had been on the field all year he would have some leverage..... saying he was pulling the coverage so the "no names" could catch the balls... but that isn't what happened.

He proved the system can function without him. Too bad imo. Joe is a warrior. But if you are expensive dead weight they need to cut it loose.

4 million cap hit is too much for Joe.

As a Horn fan I find it distasteful to say it but if he won't resign for less, cut him.
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On the joe horn show on radio he said he would be willing to backload some of his money in the future years but not less money.
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Saints without Joe Horn just dosent seem right.... Remeber when the Rams cut Issac Bruce the resigned him made a new contract thats what New Orleans should do with Horn.... I just cant see horn in another uniform besides the Black&Gold he is one of my favorite saints and I would hate to see him leave....
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I have met Joe Horn, and I can tell you, that he was one of the nicest "people" I've met in my life. I like him, because he came from nowhere, (a pizza hut if I'm correct), and made it into the NFL, and EARNED the respect that he has. I certainly hope, that they can come to some sort of arrangement to keep him. 34-35 is not old. Jerry Rice played effectively, until he was 39. Tim Brown did as well. I am NOT saying that Joe is comparable to Jerry Rice, but if healthy, he's going to get you first downs. In this league, those are not easy to come by.

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I remember from a game early this year (might have been the Falcons game in the Dome) Joe leaving his feet and bringing down a pass. He got his legs cut and came down flat on his back. You could see it hurt...bad...

Then you see a few players coming over to him to help. I mean, you could tell the man was in pain, but he brushed off the help and got up and went back to the huddle. Now to me that's heart. Donte' would have missed 3 weeks ya know?

I'm not gonna dis Joe. I hope the team can figure something out and keep him. I wonder if the Chicago game would have been any different had Joe been playing. Maybe not, but maybe...

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Few players get through a whole season without sustaining some sort of injury. One can't penalize Joe for the fact that the NFL is all about extreme contact. That being said, he's at the downside of his speed at 34, and all of his injuries have been dragging his speed potential down - ankles, knee, groin - over the past three years. He's at best now a #2 receiver, possession type, which is still very important considering all the drops. #2 receivers don't merit #6 million a year. Joe should remain and retire a Saint, but he needs to restructure his contract to ensure it. It would be a shame on both parties if it came to having to cut him in order to achieve that result.

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