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Horn a Falcon?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; WR Joe Horn is giving the Falcons the first chance to try to sign him, before he takes any other visits. His agent, Ralph Vitolo, said he believed something could be done in 24-48 hours, and it was Horn's hope ...

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Horn a Falcon?

WR Joe Horn is giving the Falcons the first chance to try to sign him, before he takes any other visits. His agent, Ralph Vitolo, said he believed something could be done in 24-48 hours, and it was Horn's hope it would.

Posted March 06, by Ben Maller

Time to burn his jersey!!!
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RE: Horn a Falcon?

Since no one has responed to this yet, I will.

If Joe signs with the Falcons, he was never the "Saint" he claimed to be. To hell with Horn and I hope we smoke in both games next year!
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RE: Horn a Falcon?

If Joe does this, it shouldn't surprise anyone. He left and tried to say it wasn't about money, that it was about Coach P not believing or using him enough. Give me a break. Joe was great to have on this team, but I knew he wasn't going to take a pay cut. It was all about the money to him. Bottom line is that Coach P asked him to take a pay cut because he hasn't produced the last two seasons to be paid like a #1. When Joe said that the Coach P didn't want to use him in the same way, he probably was referring to the fact that Coach P told him that he hasn't produced like a #1 so he shouldn't be paid like a #1.

Joe is going to the Falcons because they are rivals and it is his way of telling the Saints Organization to kiss his a$$.

I really wished he would come back and retire a Saint, but I figured he wouldn't......
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... and don't forget that Horn failed his physical.

Actually, I thought it was cool of Coach Payton and Loomis to give him a chance to come back, knowing that a) he's not healthy, and b) cannot possibly beat Colston for #1 even when healthy. Add Reggie Bush catching the ball out the backfield and lining up as WR, and it was a no-brainer.
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HA! He must want his receiving numbers to really drop. If Ron Mexico is QB he won't catch a pass.
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Originally Posted by lynwood
HA! He must want his receiving numbers to really drop. If Ron Mexico is QB he won't catch a pass.
I agree with that statement all the way and I hope he signs with the Falcons so we can punish him twice a year.
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I will lose all my respect for horn if he does that ....
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I know, right???????

To hell with Horn!!! Who does that bastard think he is, entertaining an offer from a team that will likely make him the #1 receiver and could possibly pay him more money than New Orleans. In fact, he should just RETIRE RIGHT NOW!! Yeah, screw playing football and making a living.......under no circumstances should he consider signing with a team willing to make him the #1 receiver because...well, IT'S THE FALCONS!!!

WHERE IS THE LOYALTY??????????????????????????

Got news for most of you.....it's a cold business. As of last week, the guy is a free agent. Let me break that definition down: FREE_AGENT. Meaning he is now able and available to negotiate with ANY NFL team. There is no clause in his contract, and quite frankly, not even any unspoken rule that says the Falcons are exempt from presenting him any offers.

You all act like it's some big F-U he's giving to the Saints? Well hey, maybe to a minor extent it would be....but really, I see it as a guy going to a team that needs help at Wide Receiver. What sense would it make for him to go to another team that would pay him the same salary as the Saints would, and have him line up as the #2 receiver? He'd be just as well off in New Orleans if that were the case! If the Falcons flash the dollar signs and make him their #1 guy at receiver, he'd honestly be foolish not to take the deal.

For the record, I do not want to see him in a falcons uniform either....nor do i want him to play for any team other than the Saints. But people saying they'd lose respect for him over signing with the Falcons? That's just foolish. Like I said, it's a cold business. If he signs with them, he's just doing what he has to do.
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I remember when Morten Anderson became a Falcon, wow, that was weird. Watching him for all of those years, kicking game winners for the Saints, just to be let go really sucked. It's weird, Sam Mills went to the Panthers before he retired. What's the deal here? It seems the Saints have no loyalties at all to the players that help give the team credibility. They did the same thing with Archie, when they traded him to Houston. Strange. I guess it's the business, but that still don't make it go down any easier.
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Joe should ask Eric Moulds how moves like this pan out (how about 1 and done)... Granted Moulds left Buffalo for Houston which I guess is bad to worse but Joe leaving the Saints on what could very well be another Super Bowl run in 2007 for the Falcons who won't be going anywhere next year. Its just about the $$...
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