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Watching NFLN........

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Saints vs. Steelers, and being out in Callie I was not able to watch this game on tv, so I am watching for 'what really went wrong, and how to improve' and here is what I see........ Defense: DT - ...

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Watching NFLN........

Saints vs. Steelers, and being out in Callie I was not able to watch this game on tv, so I am watching for 'what really went wrong, and how to improve' and here is what I see........


DT - stuffing the middle early on, and not letting the Steelers run the ball, but they are getting ZERO pressure on the QB. Parker is having to kick out every run. Ben is picking the DBs apart.

DE - not getting to the QB in time, but they are still slapping down passes and making themselves known. Two of the top DEs in the league, and they are proving why.

LB - Quick, but that is the only good thing I can say. They have no communication, every pass to the TE is wide open by 10 to 15 yards, they are missing tackles and not getting to the QB at all on blitzes. They let Parker slip through multiple tackles, and their pass coverage is killing the team on 3rd and medium.

DB - Do I even need to say anything. The backfield is slow and confused they have no safety help. They are running around like its their first time on any football field. Every pass over 40 yards is caught and ran in for a touchdown, because no one is covering the deep ball. The line isn't getting any pressure giving Ben plenty of time to throw it out there.


QB - Nothing to say here, Drew is THE man I said it when we were arguing at this time last year, I made the comment that Drew WILL succeed and alot of posters on here bashed me, but we saw what he did. There a pass to Copper for the first touchdown where no other QB could have made the pass but Drew. I bought his Jersey if I were a woman I would want to have his kids! LMAO!

RB - Another no brainer, Deuce is not flashy or powerful but he is consistent. Bush coughed up a key drive, and I would say that is where the game was lost.

WR - Copper looks to be hessitent to take the ball upfield. Does anyone remember him being that way throughout the year? He catches a ball and it takes him .5 to 1 second to get his feet set and go upfield. That is costly time where a defender can get to him. Colston looks like a 10 year vet with rookie legs. He has DBs bouncing off of him, and he is making great decisions.

TE - fumble early on that turns into a touchdown for the Steelers, dropped passes, this was our weakest spot.

OL - giving Drew plenty of time to throw even though he is throwing them after only 2 seconds. They also have some holes for Deuce.

So why did we lose this game? For the same reason we lost 4 of the other 5 games. It wasn't the DTs or LBs or QB or TE or OL it was slow DBs and NOT ENOUGH turnovers going our way and too many going the other way. I reall hope Payton is out there working on both sides of those turnovers, and I think with the rookies growing up they will learn to hold onto the ball. I just hope our DBs really have improved, because IMHO I feel these two points were our ONLY obstacles to the Super Bowl.

Just a sidenote, wasn't that fumble to Deuce the greatest play of the year. If you watch Drew he is dropping back and his eyes are on Faine's butt to see if maybe the ball got stuck, and Deuce has the veteran knowledge to NOT just fall on the ball and give it another try, he picks it up and runs! I can't wait for the season to start! Sorry about this ramble I am just excited already.
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