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can anyone stop the saints?

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can anyone stop the saints?

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
Ha! Always the cynic.
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Peter Kink of SI.com says

The Colts will "stop" them... in the SUPERBOWL though. highest scoring one ever he thinks. Colts 44-37. zaniest,too.
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... you never want to be too optimistic, but with an offensive minded coach in Coach Payton, a real QB in Brees, a RB like Deuce, a RB/WR like Reggie, a fullback like Karney who showed he can catch the ball and run the ball as well as block, a receiver like Colston, and the front 5, man it sure looks good. The whole freaking backfield can run and catch!

... but I'd say, the Saints are a good catching TE from being unstoppable.
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The Saints were hard to be stopped last season and with much improvement this off-season the chances of stopping them this year will be more difficult than last season..
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History and trends is never kind in the NFL. What appears to be IT, really didn't come close, is what most seasons represent. A team like the Saints, in all, looks like the next winner of the Super Bowl. Look at the roster and there is no way of denying the Saints should make it to the big game. Every piece of the puzzle is there. Try to find one weakness on the Saints roster and you are really hard pressed, at least based on last year's performance and this off-season gains.

But, then things like other teams knowing how to game plan against you, and not to mention injuries, can easily take a team looking for the Super Bowl into a quick 7-9 season. I am not going to say that will happen to the Saints, but I will say at least be prepared.

I know the Saints history is not reflective on their present, but I do remember some good then bad times. Like the Saints going 7-9 in 78, 8-8 in 79, and everyone thought it was the beginning of a new era, only to see the Saints go 1-15 in 1980. Dick Nolan was eventually fired.

BTW- Please say a prayer for the Nolan family. Former coach, Dick Nolan, has a serious bout with Alzheimer's disease. Dick and his son Mike, who is the Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, are very close. Dick is so bad off he only remembers his son a few moments at a time. And it's not most of the time...
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The panthers
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Originally Posted by gengizk View Post
The panthers

... don't forget to tip your waitress!!!!!
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The Panthers had our numbers last year even with a disappointing season for them. They somehow matched up well against us. Also, we need to play better against AFC teams. I don't think we won one of those games last year if I'm not mistaken.
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