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i will say this about a. brooks....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Brooks is a very young QB that is still finding his game. He was thrown into action his first year and I think last year he wanted to prove too much he was a pocket passer. Billy, I think this ...

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i will say this about a. brooks....

Brooks is a very young QB that is still finding his game. He was thrown into action his first year and I think last year he wanted to prove too much he was a pocket passer.
Billy, I think this statement is gospel. His style has changed dramatically from his debut as a Saint. He seems hesitant to tuck it away and would rather force a ball. The only time he seemed content to throw it away was in the end zone.

Although it is a freak of nature, last years Eagles team made my jaw drop. To be able to achieve consistent production and success when forced into your back-up and then your third string QB showed that a back-up can still be prepared for success by his positional coach. (just to get Billy going on this again) The coaches can adjust the playcalling to fall within the abilities and strengths of the back-up player. I would never expect a player to ask to come out of a game due to injury, but I do expect a coach to recognize a player that\'s hurt compared to one who is not. I think everyone is pointing the finger of blame from last year\'s injury concern on Brooks....that was Haslett\'s call and hindsight is 20-20.

Billy, not just to please you with this, but I think Brooks is a rare talent and like SaintNik agreed, he will be a successful starter for us and see a few pro bowls in his time. But to be frank, he needs to mature and become passionate about winning. With the exception of wanting to be in the game he has not displayed passionate play.
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i will say this about a. brooks....

I\'m only saying that when he isn\'t getting the job done, coaches in the nfl should worry less about hurting the starters confidence and more about trying to win on that given day.
My thoughts exactly during the Cinci game. Hurt or not, Brooks didn\'t get the job done on that day. Why not bench him after the 4th or 5th 3-and-out series? I think Aaren\'s confidence level is high enough that he wouldn\'t have been affected for the last game (home fans booing you in the first quarter is another thing).
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i will say this about a. brooks....


In our little debate I think we both went to extremes to prove our points. I think coaches are very important. I agree that they need to know their players strengths and weaknesses and play to the strengths by adjusting the game plan. The eagles team last year was a great example of how that is accomplished.

The relationship between a coach and a QB, IMO, is the most important, because the QB has the most responsibility and will take most of the blame when the teams looses.

The really good offensive minded coaches know when to console a QB when he makes mistakes and chew his ass out when he needs to light a fire under him. I don\'t think Haslett is there yet in that department. Coaching plays a very important part in the development of a QB.

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i will say this about a. brooks....

I think the biggest hit that he was injured was that HE COULD NOT HOLD the ball! How many times did he cock his arm to throw and just drop the ball?

And yes, hindsight may be 20/20, but the entire Superdome screaming \"We Want Jake\" wasn\'t hidsight. It was obvious to tens of thousands of people that Brooks wasn\'t getting it done, and that it was time to call in the reserves. One game, give him the benefit of the doubt. Fine. The Bengals game? Jake should have been in during halftime. But hey, mabye Aaron can pull it out. They ARE the Bengals. But halfway through the Carolina game Ray Charles could have seen AB needed to sit down. No, hindsight is no excuse and \"Mabye Jake would have lost too.\" is irrelevant. There are no excuses. Just because you are a Saints fan does NOT mean you have to indulge in self-delusion.

Now, I understand Brooks not wanting to leave the game. Both as a competetor, and out of parinoia. Remember how he got his job? Blake got hurt, and never got his job back. Now Blake is getting bounced around the league, of course Brooks doesn\'t want to leave the game, and letting the guy all the fans are calling for try to get the win. Those same fans were screaming \"Keep Aaron, forget Blake\" a few short years ago.

Personally, I think it is Karma. I think the Pats and the Saints missed the playoffs because the Bills and the Ravens missed them too. Karma. The betrayed QBs missed making a run with their new teams, so their usurpers missed their window too. And frankly, what other than \"Cosmic Forces Aligning Against Us\" can explain losses to Minnesota, Cincinatti, and Carolina?

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i will say this about a. brooks....

AB and Haz & Co. were less than 100% honest with everyone including themselves where the status of injury was acknowledged. There was none to be concerned with. Yeah Right! Like a beauty queen getting a nose job, Brooks had surgery at seasons end, just because! Come on. He\'s still not 100%. Maybee they believed that 90% +/- of Brooks ability was still better than Jakes. The fans booing AB during introductions for the Carolina game was quite a classless act and all of who did should be ashamed. This ticked Haslett off and he then stood firm in his hardheaded way and went down with his wounded duck.


Brooks enters field prior to kickoff with arm in a sling. Jake is thrown into the starting position at game time. We win. Brooks is healthy enough to start playoff game the following week, takes us to victory in Superbowl. All are heroes! OR, Jake has subpar performance. Brooks comes in off the bench. Off with the sling on throwing arm. On with slinging the ball on final drive to lift saints to victory and into playoffs. Heroes all!

We will never know. What we do know is that we didn\'t try something different. Last year is over, in the history books. Can\'t be changed. Choices aren\'t ours to be made.

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i will say this about a. brooks....

please allow me to beat this dead duck once more.......say rev. , or you sure it\'s karma and not voodoo ?
the stupidest thing haslett did was allow brooks to be further injured in a playoff hunt..as i said, someone had to know......the trainers, the doctors, the staff, and i\'m sure brooks knew........if he had succeeded and brooks suffered a career ending injury, would it have been worth it.......me thinks the duck is dead.........smitty
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i will say this about a. brooks....

Yea! DEAD DUCK....Get over it and move on.
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