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bush on kickoffs??

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i don't know if its me but i would like to see reggie return kickoffs sometimes what do yall think i don't belive he did that last year...

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bush on kickoffs??

i don't know if its me but i would like to see reggie return kickoffs sometimes what do yall think i don't belive he did that last year
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

I can see Reggie being used more in punt returns than kickoffs. We have several good-hands skill people to put us in decent field position. But in punt returns, if we put Reggie back to return then that puts added pressure on the punting unit to contain the return and could possibly open up opportunities to block a punt.
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

Pt, Pt, Pt !
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

I'm for anything that would give our most explosive player more touches. He's a gamebreaker... maximize his abilities.
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

Ive always been a fan of letting Bush return some kicks. Anytime u put the ball in this guys hands he can take it all the way.....i also think chances of getting hurt or fumbling are greatly smaller than on punts.....
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

I just worry about the injury risk on kickoffs. Even in HS ball, those collisions are the worst. You get your bell rung every time.
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

Sometimes, a quick score isn't the best answer. Now, I know that sounds crazy... but bear with me a sec. A score is always a good thing. But sometimes, I think it's better to take a score through the long drive - i.e. tire out the other guys D, while ours is getting fresh, demoralize the other team through attrition.

I know it's crazy, but I really believe that can come into play sometimes.

We all know the Indy game will likely be a shootout. In that case, it won't be the question of who can score - but who can score last.

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Re: bush on kickoffs??

I say leave kickoffs and punts to Moore and Thomas. I prefer Bush to be on the field for the offense in almost every series as a wr, rb, te whatever. Don't wear the guy out on special teams.

Also, I would love to see Bush run through and past guys on a kickoff but I wretch at the thought of him getting turtled like he did in the playoff game against the Eagles.

Bush is one of the most valuable players in this league because of what he's able to do on the field. Keep him fresh and he'll make this offense even more dangerous than last year.

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Re: bush on kickoffs??

I agree with the keep him fresh theme. I'm not sure I like the chance of getting him hurt on special teams. He's to valuable to us on offense. I understand the other thinking too but to me it's just to much of a gamble.
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Re: bush on kickoffs??

NOT ON KICKOFFS!!! Thats to much head-hunting to expose Bush to. Just put some speedy guy back there and it'll be fine. What you need Bush for on occasion to get us a break when we need one is Punt Returns and I am ok giving him 2-3 if we need it that bad.
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