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It's Encouraging

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; U need to put down the wacky weed or what ever you are smoking !! We suck face it !! Sean Payton is not the whizkid of last year and niether is Brees !! We lack the fundamentals (IE a ...

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Re: It's Encouraging

U need to put down the wacky weed or what ever you are smoking !! We suck face it !! Sean Payton is not the whizkid of last year and niether is Brees !! We lack the fundamentals (IE a offensive or defensive line worth a **** !!)
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Re: It's Encouraging

We haven't improved... let me see they scored 30's again and we got 2 scores. Wheres the improvement!
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Re: It's Encouraging

I wouldn't put it all on Brees. That last one looked like all his fault, but the 2 before it were both tipped b/c of pressure and/or a gift horse form the aforementioned Lance Moore. One thing that has been alluded to by some is that saints WRs are barely even average right now. No real game breaker. Colston as good as he is, needs that STEADY speedster on the opposite side (Sorry Henderson, I said "steady").
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Re: It's Encouraging

LANCE MOORE! I liked how he played tonight...except for the late 4th quarter kick return reverse of field for a loss in an attempt to make a play - but that I can forgive. He needs more touches in the receiver slot. NOT MUCH ELSE.

Did we clean anybody's clock tonight? Did we tee-off on anybody? Is there any Titan that needs the whirlpool tub tonight? I dont think so - that's our problem.
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Re: It's Encouraging

Welcome back paper bags and the AINTS!
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Re: It's Encouraging

OL got hammered. We lost Duce. We lost turnover battle.
DL got no prssure. LB, CB, and S can not cover or Tackle.
Well we have to improve every phase of our game.
Nothing really good about this. Unless you think a better draft pick is something. Right now I don't. No player is safe in my opinion. Plenty of bench.
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Re: It's Encouraging

o come on you punks wanting brooks...the ONLY reason brees looks so bad is because the OLINE is giving him NO time. come on guys...don't be so quick to give up. jesus.
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Re: It's Encouraging

Quick to give up? I haven't seen a positive thing all season. Nothing. All the hype, killed this team. They can't handle it. Payton is making bad calls, at the worst times. They all look lost. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
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Re: It's Encouraging

Rip my heart out and feed it to a Falcons fan right in front of me. Deuce McAllsiter is out for the year.

javascript:msnvDwd('33', '0e69af5b-6cb9-4916-839a-c4c001bce86d', 'us', '', 'm1490', 'foxsports', _mlc);
The reeling New Orleans Saints may have lost much more than a game on Monday.
Deuce McAllister

Running Back
New Orleans Saints

2007 Season Stats Rush Yds TD Rec Yds TD 20 87 0 3 14 0
Two Saints sources told ESPN's Ed Werder after the 31-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans that the preliminary diagnosis on running back Deuce McAllister is that he has a torn ACL in his left knee and will likely miss the remainder of the season.

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Re: It's Encouraging

Originally Posted by sac-a-lait View Post
Haynesworth is an animal, glad they don't have to play him again
Yeah, nobody wanted to block him. They were afraid he'd stomp on their head when their helmets came off. Animalistic indeed.
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