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Payton Was Out Coached, Period

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I hope Payton is not like Haslett, I mean won't admit when he makes a mistake....

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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

I hope Payton is not like Haslett, I mean won't admit when he makes a mistake.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

Why oh Why do you practice onside kicks and not have 6'4" Marques Colston "The hands Guy" not the one setting up to take in the ball. I watched those two plays like 10 times and they had him blocking...Thats insane....FIRE BONAMEGO!!!! or whatever his stupid name is!!!!
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

He outcoached himself.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

I think bottom line was just what blacksaint said. Rushing 4 and dropping back seven. It was 7-7 and rams had 3rd and 13 in 1st quarter. Saints don't even act like they may blitz. Anyone in any league would know you must blitz. Any NFL quarterback will convert there every time. It's like the def co is bipolar. First 4 games we did same thing. Then he comes out and says I was not playing a pressure scheme. He starts doing it and we win 4 in a row. Then he gets depressed or something and does this. It happened numerous times in the game. Thanks blacksaint, I was hoping someone else saw this. It is inexcusable. It's like they were trying to lose. Hell, even if your playing madden you would never NOT blitz if your opponent had 3rd and 13. Never ever. Pewee league never ever. Even if they throw a touchdown on your blitz you will hit the QB. He will be thinking next time. But no, take a struggling QB line up in the 4-3 with linebackers way back and corners and safeties way back and he knows theres no way you even could blitz. Again inexcusable. First post sorry for the rant.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

Whats up with all this negativity. Yall act like the Grinch stole Christmas.

Yeah the one thing that I saw that really cause for some concern is that the run blocking was actually very good. Pass blocking was bad. I felt like we could have actually ran the ball with lots of success and there was NO ADJUSTMENTS. The game is about adjustments and we made zero. Kept with the original game plan and got a big L.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

This was a mental collapse. Payton had them on their toes and aware that this was a dangerous winless team and they came out on offense with intensity and rammed it straight down their throats for an easy first TD. When they came out for the next drive, they had already won the game in their minds. Pass blocking went to hell and through off the timing of the routes. Drew in turn started throwing balls up for grabs and they were.

Before I knew it, the had gotten a splendid kick return by Thomas and did NOTHING with it. It took until nearly the 4th quarter for the team to realize they could be beat by the Rams.

Now, I don't buy all this junk time business. The first TD (getting them to 15) probably didn't scare the Rams much, but when they got to 21, the Rams coaches were worried.

Do you want to know what really cost us the game? I mean besides Josh Bullocks and his brick hands?

Timeouts, or the lack thereof.

The team was down a ton starting the second half so you would think that they would know that the timeouts are going to be valuable if they can get things together and get close. So, what do they do? They waste one of the precious TO's on defense. At this point in the game, you have got to save the TO's and go with whatever defense you called regardless.

Drew wasted the second one. Maybe it was necessary and resulted in points, but time was our enemy not the defense at that point.

The third went away with a challenge that, if won, would have made a scant amount of difference. Of course, the ref blew the call since Colston had maintained possession of the ball with out it hitting the ground until the LB fell on top of him. Now, he had already been touched by the CB and was on the ground so he was down. Why does it matter that a half second later another player falls on him and makes the ball touch the ground?

Anyway, this is my post-loss rant, I guess.

btw, We can't really blame Bullocks for the loss since the team shouldn't have been in that position to start with. But it is heart-breaking to see your team execute such a tough play to perfection only to watch the ball bounce through the stone hands of the same player twice.

For all of the booing I've been doing when Mare comes on the field for FG (don't tell Drew), those were to really consistent kicks on the onsides attempts. He nailed both of them and they went to nearly the exact same spot both times.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

The two onside kicks were perfect. I was shocked that we didn't get at least one of them. And Mare hit everything he kicked yesterday. That's a good thing, I guess.

No doubt............we beat ourselves. We looked down and took two shots, one at each foot. hit 'em both.
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Re: Payton Was Out Coached, Period

I hope they gave a game ball to Mare, he sure did deserve the dame thing.
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