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Brees and Pressure

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Does it seem to you guys that when Drew is pressured, he turns from one of the top 3 QBs in the league to a flustered rookie? The guy has zero movement in the pocket, and acts like it's against ...

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Brees and Pressure

Does it seem to you guys that when Drew is pressured, he turns from one of the top 3 QBs in the league to a flustered rookie? The guy has zero movement in the pocket, and acts like it's against the law to take off running.

And this is coming from a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Drew fan. He seems to get happy feet and loses his reads.
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Re: Brees and Pressure

The OL has done a fair job and they will get better. But drew can not blamed for it all. The WR did not look good as a group. Tipped balls and everything just snowballed
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Re: Brees and Pressure

Both tipped INT's, EJ, who normally has good hands, looked like bad passes: one too high and the other behind him. Both have to take some blame. As a receiver when you get your hands on the ball that's close enough and you are paid enough to make the catch. On EJ's defense, especially for a big man, its hard to run in one direction and turn/reach in another direction with the limitations the equipment impose. The great receivers make the adjustments look easy but they are not. Drew does a good job when he is able to plant his feet and deliver strikes. But when he gets happy feet from poor protection, actual or perceived, he makes bad throws and few of our receivers are the great ones I alluded to earlier. I am not able to break down game tapes, but I would love to see the routes away from the ball and see what Brees is checking off on and thinking are well covered receivers. There are either poooooooooooooooor routes being run or else Brees is simply misreading coverage. I still think that these troubles go away with Karney lead blocking the running game and helping to protect Brees in the pocket. I have been looking for it since Duece went down and have only seen it once or twice. The results speak for themselves.


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Re: Brees and Pressure

In the NFL there is pressure on every play...
He just throws too much...
Look at his numbers with SD...
When they won 12 games Brees threw over 33 times maybe once...
We dropped back to pass 50 times today...
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Re: Brees and Pressure

Brees was on today. In fact, I was really impressed how accurate he was. The WR corps are to blame for the INTS (actually Eric Johnson) and drops. Sean Payton is to blame for using the same 10-plays he's used since preseason.

If you have the chance to watch the game again, do so. Pay attention to how it was incredibly obvious that Houston knew what the Saints were going to do. Isn't it amazing how Houston was atrocious against the run for the last 5 weeks, but shut down the Saints running game today? Not really. It was blatantly obvious when the Saints were running.

That happens when 75% of your plays are passes with an empty backfield.

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Re: Brees and Pressure

you're right though...he looks scared as crap when he gets pressure...and HATES to run. look at his rushes over the years...barely anything.
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Re: Brees and Pressure

Brees had all day to throw against the Texans. There were only a couple of series where the Texans got pressure on him. The recievers were constently put into having to convert 3rd and long to bail out the lack of running game. Credit the Texans secondary and LB's which did a good job of jamming the recievers and keeping the dump routes jammed with Texans jersesys. Johnson had two guys on him all day and you could see that our recievers are lacking any seperation/breakaway speed. Almost every pass play seemed to end up in the middle of the field. Again credit the Texans for keeping the passing game in front of them... Gibbs I hope you were watching!
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