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Saints talked to Booty

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Geez that looks very long. I manually quote things... so it's a long process for everyone. PM Halo and make a suggestion to him... he's always looking for a way to make the site better. Do you really expect to ...

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Re: Saints talked to Booty

Geez that looks very long. I manually quote things... so it's a long process for everyone. PM Halo and make a suggestion to him... he's always looking for a way to make the site better.

Do you really expect to carry a rookie QB on the squad? Or to bump Martin for one?

At the very least let's see if there's actually a reliable veteran backup QB out there if that's the goal.
I wouldn't bump Martin off the squad for a rookie quarterback... but then again, Martin isn't on the team right now. My first choice would be to sign Josh McCown or re-sign Jamie Martin... but I wouldn't mind taking a quarterback in the later rounds and attempt to develop that person for the future.

We're talking about the QB position here. Even top first round picks struggle.

I know we're talking about a clipboard holder. However, the point of the backup QB is to be able to effectively hold the fort should the general go down.

I just can't see how a rookie can accomplish that.

But maybe I'm wrong. Look at Trent Edwards for the Bills.
I got a little mixed up there. I was talking about offensive prospects in general as you were talking about quarterbacks.

But where do the weapons fit. You have a back rotation with Bush, Stecker, PT, and presumably Deuce if he recovers in time. You have a receiver corps with Colston, Meachum, Moore, hopefully Patton, and maybe Copper. I figure someone's going to pay Henderson and hopes that he breaks out. You have tight ends out the ying yang.

So again where do the weapons fit. Yet another #1 TE? Sit Meachum for another year? Cut Patton's playing time?

Why restock what is already well stocked?
Until these players are re-signed, our offense is not stocked. What tight ends? What wide receivers? And even if they're re-signed, we still need to bring in competition to push those players. We cannot be content... there's always room for quality playmakers.

See my signature. Some of the most prolific offenses in the NFL never got a sniff of the superbowl.

I know we'll both keep saying the same thing. But I think it's fine because everyone on the board will hear and understand both sides of the argument
But see I agree with everything you're saying about our defense... I just hope you acknowledge that our offense does have holes that need to be addressed. If we aren't going to do it via free agency, we need to address it thru the draft. It's a very deep class of talented receivers and I'm hoping we snag one in the mid rounds after we address our defense first.

I know it won't happen. By the time the draft comes around there may be a BPA situation that fills an offensive need. But it shouldn't occur until the 4th round or later.
There we go... agreed. =] However I'd consider using a third.

But you are going to continue to be disappointed if you think that we can get to a consistent championship level of play by improving the offense. Offenses falter in the face of good defenses. See our own Saints over the last two years as a perfect example.

You need a solid defense to complement your offense. The defense can't be in the high 20s in scoring and giving up a ton of TDs and long pass plays. Your defense cannot have terrible efficiency on third down. It damages your offense because it flips the field position or yields points.
Not disagreeing with you... if order for our team to make it to a Superbowl, no doubt our defense needs to catch up to our offense. That still doesn't change my mind about our offense also needing an upgrade. We can't expect to win solely by out scoring our opponents... we need help from the defense... which we badly need to upgrade.

I'm fine with whatever is necessary to keep the offense stable. But nothing more than that. The positions you want filled we already have the personnel to do. Do you really think we'll lose both Johnson and Miller to FA?
I think we'll choose not to re-sign one of them. I think our TE's need an upgrade... we don't have enough explosiveness out of that position. Whether thru the draft or free agency, we need to get younger and more athletic here imo.

Focus on the defense. And that means don't waste time talking to a clipboard holder.

Definitely should focus on the defense... but it doesn't mean we should completely ignore getting someone to hold that clipboard. Right now, there's no one there.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

All little common sense goes a long way.

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Re: Saints talked to Booty

boy oh boy you two are having a ball with the quotes. LOL
Booty in the fourth or maybe in the top of the fifth.
All I can say is smoke screen?
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Re: Saints talked to Booty

Originally Posted by papz View Post
As I would also. I'm watching the Senior Bowl and Keith Rivers looks very very good. Also that Cromartie kid some were talking about has outstanding recovery speed.
I'm with you 100 % on those two. Would be a big help.
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Re: Saints talked to Booty

Even if we drafted a QB it wouldn't be until the 6th or 7th round, maybe the 5th.
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Re: Saints talked to Booty

I know the offense can and should be improved. So take a QB if that's really the best option. But I guess what we're really discussing here is whether a QB really IS the best option.

I tend to agree with others on this board who say QB is not the best option. Why? Because I think there's too many other positions that need upgrade and/or backups, and that they should take precedence over another backup quarterback - AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Even if we're just talking about a 5th or a 6th.

Look, we all know Brees won't be in his prime forever. So I say make a Superbowl run NOW. Put almost all resource we have into improving it defense.

QB? Yes, sure, we need another one. But get a QB next year - or even the next. Right now, let's make a SB run with Brees.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!

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