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7 Round Mock

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by saintsmissile Just what we need yet another OT. Lord, is the NFL giving bonus points for the team with the most OT's on the bench? Brown, Stinchcomb, Strief, Bushrod... is there anyone I forgot? Talent, and to ...

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Re: 7 Round Mock

Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
Just what we need yet another OT. Lord, is the NFL giving bonus points for the team with the most OT's on the bench? Brown, Stinchcomb, Strief, Bushrod... is there anyone I forgot?
Talent, and to push the guy in front of you to make them better. Just a wish doesn't mean its going to happen.
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Re: 7 Round Mock

our line is made up of a bunch of nobodys except for jamall brown...although they do good enough most of the time...but our RT does suck....but i rather sacrifice some money in the line for skill players and just let the o line get better over time... i will be happy as **** if we draff Mckelvin or Jenkins for our first pick....ill be even happier if we pick up trufant or samuel...and then draft a LB
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Re: 7 Round Mock

i agree with smitty, although I wouldnt mind seeing D the first four picks, I dont see that happening.
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
I think if Dorsey is there at 4... go get him.
I would say wait til the 5th, his contract would be cheaper.

I am with you on your above statement ICESHACK. We get way too wrapped around the gears during draft time. Only once in the history of watching the Saints on draft day did they pick a guy I wanted. His name??????? Dalton Hilliard. Still to this day my favorite Saint.

Just relax guys, there has been way too much on here lately. We are Saints fans people, we should be use to disappointment by now. Our team has only been great for one season, ONE SEASON PEOPLE. Let's just give them a chance to be good. And stop all the fightin'.

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Ok LOL calm down.
OL is the pick then I can live with it. Brown goes back to RT and we have learned that the OT position is in limbo. Stinch becomes trade bait. But remember that a post earlier said the saints were happy with the picks at OT from previous years. So I am not letting a writter get to me. what wrong with two great bookends? That frees up the TE and RB to be even more active in the passing game. But I think we aready have the OT on the roster.
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Just take the BPA and if that is a deep position on our team or that position is already eating up to much cap trade down. If you can not trade down then you have to reach or just take that player. I say BPA and deal with it later. Trade or just cut to make it work.
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Can you say "Talib"?
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Re: 7 Round Mock

thats the problem with fans and the draft.. everyone wants to see their team draft a flashy wr or a top CB or a beast LB but games are won and lost in the trenches.. while i dont think we should take a Olineman with our first pick it would definetly improve the team.. stinchcomb, while he played better last year, he definetly wasnt great and it is a position of need... if we dont get one of the top corners i would like to see us pick up the DT from USC Sedrick Ellis
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Look it is simple. if you draft for need other teams will not view as a threat to take a player based on the skills and the scouting department's listings. This is what the pats have done. It works. They could care less what Mel or any other draft guru has to say. They pick the best player there. Then work that player into the mix. When you get a player asking for a ton of money at a postion you let them walk and replace them from FA or the bench. Then you collect your supplemental pick for that player. but in order to cash in supplemental picks you need depth. Or they just trade them away for picks. Picks are the key.
Once again this year the Pats are sitting as one of the main power brokers in the draft. They have picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft that are better than any 17-1 team has ever had. Year after year it is the same thing. They know what they are doing. hate them or not you have to admit they know what they are doing.
Round 1, pick 7
Round 2, pick 63
Round 3, pick 68, 95

I have the Pats trying everything to trade down from 7. They have a no need to pick a player this high and take on the salary demands of a top 10 player. If they can not they will pick a player they want based on their ranking system from scouting. They will some how try to use the second and 2 third round picks to make it happen. In the end they will probably come way with multi picks in next years draft along the way.
This is how they got there in the in the first place. Picking a player based on scouting. Not on media Ranking. Needs have nothing to do with it. Long term planning is key. They took a step back three years ago and Start to rebuild again. WRs left the team or were traded. They did not panic. They addressed other areas of the team for the next two years and then, last year raided the FA at WR and took on Moss. They waited 2 years to address the area of need. They did draft players at WR but they did not panic pick them out of need. They picked them because they fell into the pats laps. IE Chad Jackson in 2006. Who just had his rookie season this year. He dropped becuase of his knee and played only part of 2006 before getting it rebuilt. The Pats are high on him still. But they will trade him if the offer is right. If Moss gets tagged watch for him to step into the 3/4 position next year. Donte is done.
Look OT is not a bad move but I believe in what we all have been told here, The saints are happy with OT picks from the last two years. They may not be as far along as they had hoped but they are happy. I see Stinch being involved in some kind of trade this year. Either in the draft or before camp starts. Brown will move back to RT next to Evans and the pair will become one of the best OT and OG combos in the NFL. Evans will get a long term contract also. Who steps in at LT and LG is the question. Will the saints promote from within or draft that player. LT are hard to find. Harder than any other postion in the NFL besides a shut down corner. If one is there you have to take him and guggle your line to make it work. If not you trade down and target another player. But get picks that are a bit over valued for the move because it is a LT. I would rather trade a player than pass on a true LT. Brown would bring a king ransom dispite the knee issues. But you better be sure it is the right player you are picking. Because in two years the fans will hang you. I do not see that happening. Brown will stay a saint till his contract expires. I am just saying, thats all. Stinch is my player this year as our best trade bait. Followed by Grant. Now that opens up whole new can of worms.
No one really knows. This is all quess work.


"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Re: 7 Round Mock

Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
Okay, here's my take in a nut shell. Saints take a LB, CB or S in the first round. If they don't, cie la vie for Sean Payton and company. I'm telling you, OL just won't cut it! DL just won't cut it unless Dorsey drops, which we all know he won't. I've grown tired of Loomis etc only having guts to trade up in round four or later. If Dorsey drops to #4, let's say, and we don't trade up to get him, than the ONLY logical choice is secondary and LB PERIOD! Anything else is plain ludicrous!
I agree that we should go defense, but if we get a stud tackle, I really couldn't complain too much. I also think it's funny that you're going nuts about how many tackles we have (4, which means one starter and one backup at each tackle) yet you're calling for us to draft another safety (we have 6 on the active roster, which is one starter, and two backups at each safety position). Trust me, I understand the need for an upgrade on defense, but the truth is, it doesn't matter what we want on this board, because we have absolutely no say in the decision. I don't think any of us were calling for Meachem to be drafted, but that's what happened. Going crazy on the board because people disagree with you doesn't do any good.
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